ASAP Rocky Responds to Backlash and Says All Lives Matter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

ASAP Rocky hit up The Breakfast Club this morning to respond the backlash he’s been getting for comments he made about police brutality in an interview from last year.

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  1. I wish he would shut his c–n a-s up. If you ain’t trying to help the movement, then sit your dumb a-s down and let those of us who do work. Why is that so f-cking hard to understand? I feel like we’re the only race who does this sh-t. It’s like some of us don’t want change.

  2. Geez…. please stop supporting these artists! Why do we allow drug induced, uneducated men to be “celebrities”? He said everything in that original interview, how could any of that be taken out of context? We need to come together and tear down those in our society who cannot get behind us in EVERY aspect.

    Please let this idiot phase end!

  3. I honestly don’t care about his opinions. I haven’t been checking for him and that won’t change. The good thing about this is all the idiots are telling on themselves so we know who we should support and who we need to pay dust.

  4. What a loser. So in a nutshell he doesn’t care about any of this because he doesn’t feel it affects him personally. People like him are useless.

  5. *blank stare* He just said the exact same thing with a little difference in wording. How did this clear up or fix anything?

  6. LOL. Did he really think this would stop the dragging he’s been getting. It’s just going to make it worse.

  7. He needs to sit his a-s down somewhere. I’m so tired of these sellouts trying to distract us from progress.

  8. How you born in Harlem, lived in a shelter, had a brother killed by violence, but now you’ve got a change in location and a little bit of money suddenly you can’t relate? Negro please! #boycottasaprocky

  9. I really despise stupid negroes that think just because they become celebs wit money that now White people see them as an equal..NO you’re just a ghetto classless drug using Black man wit money….and they are watching and waiting for you to fck up so they can let your Blk a$$ know it in a heartbeat…he will get his wake up call

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