Miguel Blasts Black People for Being Too Judgmental of Each Other

Photo Credit: @miguelunlimited Instagram
Photo Credit: @miguelunlimited Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

A Miguel Twitter rant went down today. And let’s just say that the R&B singer had some things to get off his chest concerning how our brothers and sisters treat one another. Miguel has stolen the hearts of many with his soulful voice and the hit songs that he keeps cranking out. And after the “leg drop” move he pulled on a female fan during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards, Miguel known to really go hard with his routines, it was obvious that he has a very dedicated and understanding fan base. And though Miguel has gained much fame over the past year, he knows that there are those out there who would rather see him fail than succeed at what he is doing. While we’re not sure what exactly prompted the rant today, the singer took to his Twitter account to tell black people a little something about themselves, Miguel saying that we are overly critical of each other and that we are conditioned to hate ourselves.

Miguel tweets:

“…yet most of these people pointing the finger wear things like “the cross” around their neck. Historically, a PAGAN symbol.

“Im proud of my heritage but honestly, black people are the most judgmental people in the world. Sh*ts sad man.

“we’ve been conditioned, pre-programmed to hate ourselves

“that’s why I appreciate those who choose to think and act for themselves regardless of ethnicity or culture

“the problem can not be fixed until the problem is recognized. Not everyone is the same thank goodness. And obviously, I love all my fans

Of course EVERYONE is judgemental. I just PERSONALLY believe WE are the most critical of our own”

What are your thoughts on what Miguel had to say?

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  1. He’s telling the damn truth. People will say well no all people are too judgmental, but facts are facts. We don’t look out for each other to be a minority race.

  2. Sigh…so he’s about to piss off most of his fans, who happen to be black. Can he get any more ridiculous?

    1. Well, I’m a proud Black woman and I don’t think I’m small minded just because I believe that. Sh-t, Black people tell it like it is and maybe his a-s can’t take it. He need to worry about doing damn Hulk Hogan moves all over his fans.

  3. Oh please. I hate when people say BS. People as a whole are too judgmental. Get outside the box and see how terribly whites talk about each other. There is no unity among any race. We’re all selfish and terrible beings.

  4. So he’s just going to call out black people like jealousy and hate stops with us? Come on now Miguel.

  5. I see no lies..it is true we bash each other all the time, critize all the time….eg:Beyonce is constantly critize and bash mainly by black people….rappers are constantly blasting, making fun of each other…it is really sad

    1. You and me are on the same page boo. I was just getting ready to type that. Blacks are too critical of each other. This is one of the few sites I can go to where the comments aren’t that bad. Most people on here actually like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and other successful blacks…and even though most of us don’t like Tyler Perry’s work, we can still congratulate him and give him props when he does his thing. Most sites do nothing but bash black celebs all day. That’s why I am on here all the time. It’s just not as hateful as the others and the commentators aren’t ignorant. 🙂

      1. That and the admin doesn’t allow people to curse each other out on here. I appreciate that they care about how everyone interacts on here. Very rare.

      1. I completely agree with both of you, people just don’t like to hear it and don’t like when black people say it, but it’s true…and this is the best place to read the news, I stay caught up thanks to Urban Belle 🙂

  6. Yeah…I think he is upset about the Billboards and the GMA drama. People were going in on him real hard. He’s still very talented and shouldn’t worry about the negativity.

  7. I agree with Miguel. We are our worst enemies. I see it everyday ESPECIALLY in Corporate America! It’s sad!

  8. I cosign this a million times. Yeah, all races are judgmental, but it just seems worse with our community.

  9. Miguel told the truth but he’ll get some people to say he’s wrong and blah, blah, blah. But we all know the truth. Crabs in a barrel is real out here!

  10. While it’s true, some things just shouldn’t be tweeted. Especially when most of your fans are black.

  11. Sigh…all this because he’s mad about the BBMA and GMA. He needs thicker skin because that’s part of being famous. Brush your shoulders off and get back to work. People will talk about you and strangers will rip you to shreds. This is what he signed up for.

  12. Well, I’m a proud Black woman and I don’t think I’m small minded just because I believe that. Sh-t, Black people tell it like it is and maybe his a-s can’t take it. He need to worry about doing damn Hulk Hogan moves all over his fans.

  13. I can understand where Miguel is coming from because since he has been out as an artist he has been criticized by some black people for how he dresses and chooses to wear his hair and how he articulates himself. Some people have accused him of being gay because of those things. Sometimes we as black people can be critical of each other if we are percieved to be different.I’m not saying other races don’t do this too, but when I started middle school I got picked on alot by a pack of black girls bc I dressed differently, talked differently, and was considered smart. They hated me for this. They made my life a living hell for those three years and tried to for some of highschool, but bc I didn;t have classes with them things were much better.I understand where Miguel is coming from. When Miguel came out he was like a breath of fresh air bc he was so different and he dressed different and made music that was actually good. If you haven’t been on the recieving end of constant critticism from people of your race then you don’t know what it is like. That is why so many men black men date women,but are on the downlow bc if they come out they will be ridiculed, considered less then, and other stuff that doen’t come with exceptance. Being black is hard enough without the bullsh*t. And don’t even get me on so called Christains who are in the church,but sometimes worse than the people on the street. I get what he is talking about bc I have been through it. Ignorance breeds ignorance.And one thing I will say is that I believe Miguel is a perfect gentleman and would not disrespect a woman, but defend her if someone tried to harm her. I saw him on an interview about a year ago and I got a good vibe from him. That’s my dude.

  14. He’s not lying! I said this in a previous post and folks got mad at me… but oh well, the truth hurts! Such a beautiful, gifted, unique race… yet we are quick to tear down our own and our gifted

  15. He went on a rant because he some random guy on twitter accused Miguel of selling his soul to the devil and singing about it in his “use me” song. It was a ridiculous statement, so Miguel went off on him. Honestly, I can agree with how he feels. Lets be real here, black people can be very judgmental and supportive of each other. Miguel has been judged when he first came out and still to this day. They made fun of the way he dressed and talked and accused him of being gay. Hell, people still think he is gay to this day so I can understand his frustration.

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