Listen: Kelly Rowland ‘You Changed’ Featuring Beyonce & Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: @kellyrowland Instagram
Photo Credit: @kellyrowland Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Destiny’s Child may be over for now, but every now and then the former successful R&B girl group reunites and gives their fans something to remind them just why they had something special. Most recently, we saw the trio reunite for Beyonce’s explosive half time performance for the most recent Super Bowl. Kelly, just like Beyonce, is planning to release a new studio album this summer. And “Talk a Good Game” is her most open album to date, says the singer, and she doesn’t think there will be a new Destiny’s Child album anytime soon. Instead, she’s opted to just bring her two group members on for one of the tracks on her album, and “You Changed” definitely sounds like the Destiny’s Child everyone has come to know and love.

The song sounds a bit like an anthem for women who have grown tired of their boyfriend’s trifling ways, and we have to admit the vocals are so great we find ourselves wanting another Destiny’s Child album. All three ladies sound exceptional and it definitely has a classic R&B sound to it that the whole genre has been missing.

This song is the most recent song to be released by Kelly, the prior single is “Dirty Laundry,” a very raw song in which Kelly sings about once being jealous of Beyonce’s success, and overcoming a past abusive relationship that ruined her self esteem.

Take a listen to the song and let us know what you think. Could it be a hit? And will it help Kelly get the hit album she’s been needing?


  1. I’m getting a strange feeling that Kelly is going to flop again. I haven’t heard a hit yet on this new album.

    1. Too early to call. All she needs is for her fans to go out and buy the album. Hit or not. Don’t count her out just yet.

    2. Truth. People love Kelly but the truth is the truth. This album is still lacking a hit, and it’s boring. She wants Bey’s success but she lacks the right songs to do that. And that “Dirty Laundry” song won’t do anything either. She needs a new team ASAP.

  2. And all you Kelly fans need to actually buy her album this time! Yall be the main ones saying you love her and you rooting for her but when the album comes out, you aren’t buying the music. She doesn’t need your sympathy and well wishes, she needs your money! IJS!

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