Beyonce Demanded H&M to Not ‘Photoshop’ Away Her Curves?

Photo Credit: H&M/YouTube
Photo Credit: H&M/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

When it comes to being music royalty, most would say Beyonce surely has that on lock considering how long she’s been successful in the business. Although she’s still extremely private compared to other stars, she’s made it clear on numerous occasions that she has to be a boss about her business to stay at the top. Of course it also doesn’t hurt that she works pretty hard for her success, and even a slap on the booty from a stranger in the middle of a performance won’t stop her show. However, according to a new report, Beyonce’s boss ways don’t stop with her music career. According to The Sun, the singer also got a little “bossy” with fashion giant H&M and checked them when it appeared they had decided to Photoshop her curves away for their latest swimsuit campaign. The publication reports:

BEYONCE ordered H&M chiefs to ditch photos of her modelling their bikinis — after they SHRANK her famous curves.

The Bootylicious star was outraged to find she had been retouched in shots for an advertising campaign — and insisted only natural pictures could be used.

An insider revealed last night: “When Beyonce found out they had edited the way her body really looked, she hit the roof.

“She’s a true diva and was furious that she had been given such a snubbing. Her people refused to give the pictures the green light so H&M were forced to use the originals.”


Considering the source, we’ll have to classify this as gossip for now. Beyonce’s camp hasn’t confirmed or denied the report, but H&M did say recently that they were happy to have Bey onboard as a spokesperson because they want their brand to focus more on promoting women of all body types.


  1. This is why I love my Bey. Those people at H&M are idiots why would you try to mess with perfection.

  2. Honestly, it’s sickening that they even wanted to get rid of her curves. She has a great body.

  3. Call me crazy but I believe it. Bey is her own manager now. She’s making a lot of decisions on her own. Kudos to her for telling them to stop the madness.

  4. H&M was out of line. Beyonce has a great shape. Great curves and it’s nice to see women with curves in these marketing campaigns. That’s just more real to us. Most women aren’t skinny and curve-less. I’m glad she spoke up.

  5. She perfect the way she is..I would kill to have her gorgeous body….this why most of hollywood and young gilr starve themselves…..Smh

  6. Yes honey! Tell them to have a seat and let yo rock your gorgeous curves. Not every woman is skinny and boney. And who wants to be anyway? LOL.

  7. I’m glad she’s keeping her curves in the H&M shoots; but why didn’t she fight to keep her color in the Pepsi photos?

  8. I mean why even choose my beautiful BEY if you don’t like her CURVES? That doesn’t make sense at all. Stop it H&M…. BOOOOOOO

  9. I’m sorry, I like Beyonce music but this is a lie….all models/people that pose for magazines or anything knows that you always sign off on the pictures YOU want them to use and in each contract the only why the can altar your pictures is if you sign it was okay for them to do it….Now let’s be smart, if you have a contract and didn’t say it was okay for them to altar your photos and they did anyway all Business people that’s a lawsuit for breach of contract

      1. Oh I read the post, I don’t think you did…let me break it down for you slowly……pissed…that….. H&M …..edited….. her….. photo,….removing her curves…When you altar a photo, clothing, webpage to your liking its also referred to a editing…your fixing something to improve the way the product will like good to you…..Now we gotten that squared, H&M is not some new company nor stupid company, so they are not going to put not anything that the client/Beyonce did not approve because the consquences would be far worse than the actions…please educated yourself first

        1. Why do you have an attitude? It’s not that serious for you to be snarky and be on here consigning yourself. I know Yy is you. The post clearly says Bey did not approve the original photos they wanted to use because of the Photoshop job. So she told them to use the ones that had not been altered and they obliged. Sheesh. It’s not that hard to understand. Everyone else got that but you. I’m done with this. You’re not pleasant and kind of rude for no reason. Peace.

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