Miguel Isn’t Backing Down from ‘Black People Are Too Judgmental’ Comments

Photo Credit: @miguelunlimited Instagram
Photo Credit: @miguelunlimited Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Miguel has had an eventful couple of weeks. Not only will his leg dropping of a fan during his Billboard Music Awards performance most likely result in a lawsuit, but his recent performance of “#Beautiful” with Mariah Carey was panned by critics and a lot of people on the social media sites, causing what we believe is the frustration that led to his Twitter rant in which he called out black people. In the rant, Miguel made the claim that “black people are the most judgmental people in the world,” and of course it didn’t sit well with a lot of his fans. While there are plenty of people who do agree with Miguel’s opinion, there’s a lot of people who are demanding the singer issues an apology. Welp, those people might want to stop holding their breath because Miguel made it clear in his recent interview on the BBC’s 1 Xtra show that he is standing by his comments. He says:

“What is clear is when you put it all in context is that I’m saying that we are judgmental of our own. We’re very judgmental of each other. We’re tearing each other down, and that’s why the second tweet about us being preprogrammed and preconditioned to hate each other and hate ourselves is valid. And that’s the context. If you take it out of context, I seem like I’m uneducated.

“I see it. It doesn’t even have to pertain to me. I could be on a blog about some other urban act doing something and I’ll be honest with you, most people have to acknowledge this, I see more black people tearing each other down than I see any other culture regardless of what they’re doing. And whether or not you agree with that, thats okay. I’m just talking about what I see, and how disappointed I am in that. I’m not judging my own people. That’s a fallacy. I’m merely speaking what I see and making a conversation of it. It’s so easy to hide behind your influence and use it for personal gain and it really takes a bit of a backbone to speak your mind on the issues that really bother you and that was the intention.

“The interesting thing is it’s being covered in a way that makes it very negative, when in reality it’s a very…it’s not a judgment statement in context. If anyone out there doesn’t like me for that I can respect that, but you can always know I’ll be the artist and the man who will stand by his opinion, express his opinion, and be open and honest to people when they seek me out.”


Check out the interview below:


  1. That’s the thing about the truth…it hurts and makes people angry. I’m glad he’s not taking back his views.

  2. I’m so trued of black people acting like we are a monolithic race. Newsflash, we’re not! Don’t get mad at white people when they lump us all in some ridiculous category if you’re just going to turn around and do the same thing yourself. This is absurd and just shows not enough black people go outside the race to see the real world! Go to the white blogs and see how terribly they talk about their celebs. Watch how they stab each other in the back at work. Miguel is just upset he got dragged for that leg drop! He’s a punk and he needs tougher skin if he wants to stay in the business. I’m tired of him.

    1. OMG thank you! Black people please stop this mess! You’re not cultured enough if you don’t know by now that ALL HUMAN BEINGS ARE TOO JUDGMENTAL. No race is worse than the other. Open up a book and step outside the box and you’ll see that.

      1. @Michelle…..CO-SIGN. Miguel is a vicim of his own thinking !!! He is the very one who is belittling his own race when ALL RACES DO THE VERY SAME THING !!!!! HE IS DISGUSTING . I WILL NO LONGER SUPPORT HIM. HE IS AN UNEDUCATED HYPOCRITE !

      1. Black people are some of the LEAST judgmental. We’re the only ones claiming and promoting these half-breeds! You don’t see Miguel all over the Spanish media/blogs or Mariah all over the white blogs…NEWSFLASH: If it weren’t for BLACK blogs no one would give two shyts about Miguel! _/

    2. Sorry,but it’s true.Black people r very jugmental and I’ve been saying this for years .I live around a lot of white people and work with them and they just don’t judge people that much,unless they’re racist but that’s another story.They r definately more racist and prejudice than black people ever will be but far as other things they don’t judge what type of car u drive like black people,what type of clothes you wearing,what style of clothes u wearing,r u keeping up with the latest trend,r u a lame,r u a thug( which is embraced in the black community),and even the things u do.White people can by clothes at places like Walmart and Old Navy and they will not be judged by other white people.Miguel is right and I’m almost suprised to finally hear somebody call this out.

  3. If that’s how he really feels he is being a man and standing by his word I can respect that. With that said why are people quick to criticize black people of something like other races don’t do the exact same thing. First Will now Miguel.

  4. F-ck him. He has an obvious hatred towards the black race. He’s the typical mixed kid trying to speak on a community he knows nothing about. His woman isn’t even black. He’s just another mixed breed fool making money off our culture and then downing us when he’s made it. And anyone backing him is being foolish. I will not support him anymore.

    1. FALSE!!! Not every mixed kid feels like Miguel notice my comment ^^^^^^^^^^^ above. His comments are his comments. Don’t say typical mixed people feel like that because all of us don’t. I don’t even view my self mixed. I’m an African American so direct your comments to him not to all mixed people.

        1. Don’t try to misconstrue what I said into something negative. Being black is what I am I don’t even look mixed and I’m very proud of being black but the reality is some mixed people don’t feel like I do and that’s the real. So please cut the dramatics.

          1. I’m just saying at all the end of the day you are mixed. I view myself as a straight A student…but I actually get B’s. So which should I go with when a potential employer asks?

        2. I just have one question for you when Obama was elected president was he named first mixed president or was it first BLACK president. Or when Halle Berry won best actress at the Oscars was she named first mixed actress or first BLACK actress to win. This alone proves my point case closed. Nice discussion. I’m done.

          1. 2 people. Alllrighhhtt.

            You saying you’re mixed & offended by Gwen’s analogy of confused mixed kids in your first comment alone proves my point.BLACK people weren’t offended..because we’re black, not mixed.

            I think you’re identity confused, TBH. I’m on mixed people’s side as a mother of a biracial daughter. I want her to embrace being mixed.. You dont have to be one race or the other when you’re BOTH, Gabriella.

      1. Oh,

        You don’t have the right to tell someone what they can call themselves. I don’t care that you have a mixed child. Pull that crap on your child, not Gabriella. It is not your place to tell a grown woman how to identify themselves on here. Mind your own business and stop being so rude and b-tchy on here. I always see you on here stepping out of line and being totally insensitive to other people. If a mixed person wants to call themselves mixed, cool. If they want to call themselves white or black, cool. That is their prerogative. It’s 2013, and they can call themselves what they want. And it’s their right. Now back off already.

        And since you want to diagnose people on here, I think you’re an arrogant, ridiculous woman and know it all. I’d use another word for you but then I’d probably get banned on here. Now tend to your child, the only person you have a right to boss around and tell what to think.

        1. Girl please.
          I rarely visit this Site unless there’s news on my fave celebs.
          You are a liar so _/

          1. So that means there’s at least TWO arrogant females on here going by the name “Oh” with nasty attitudes. Ok, got it. Now you have a seat with the other self-righteous female that demonstrates she talks more than she knows in every comment she writes on here. Either you’re the liar or a clone. I don’t care. You’re both annoying and rude regardless.

            Hop on your fake soapbox and move along.

  5. I like Miguel but he’s getting on my nerves. Had the whole leg drop thing never happened, he would have never tweeted that. He’s salty and needs to get over himself.

  6. All I can say is if he wants to stand by his words, he has to remember there’s a consequence for every offensive thing you say…

  7. Shut up already. Miguel, you’re not deep. You’re awkward, clumsy on stage, and obviously too arrogant to understand what the price of fame is. For some reason you thought you were exempt to criticism, And now that you see you’re not, it’s a “race issue.” You’ll see soon that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    1. Well said. And that’s what this is really about. His ego took a bruising and he’s mad about it.

  8. So now we’re going to let the comments on blogs/twitter/ig speak for an entire race? Wow. Man, I didn’t think people could be this stupid.

  9. I agree with him but he needs to just stop talking about this. I have a feeling this is going to hurt him in the end.

  10. Everybody talk about Everybody! I give props when there due and I’ll talk about you to if thats due as well!!!! Miguel just keep kicking ok!

  11. I don’t really disagree with his comments. I can’t believe the amount of hate I see on a daily basis all because dark women don’t like light women and vice versa. I’m not saying that other races don’t talk about themselves I’m just saying when the time comes to build one another up I don’t always see black people doing it. I have plenty of friends that go to asian nail shops instead of black owned shops because they feel that they are “too ghetto”. Let’s not act like this doesn’t exist. People have every right not to agree with Miguel, but why attack him over this opinion…he gives you so much other ammunition lol

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