New Petition Demands Oprah Axes Tyler Perry’s New Shows

Photo Credit: OWN
Photo Credit: OWN

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Another Tyler Perry petition hits the internet. Oprah Winfrey might be the queen of media, but owning her own network has been anything but royalty. In fact, it’s been a struggle and it almost looked as if Oprah would lose OWN very quickly into its launch. However, Oprah’s network has been on the uptick thanks to hit shows like “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” and with the new additions of two new Tyler Perry created shows, the ratings have confirmed that OWN is definitely here to stay. Just days after it was confirmed Tyler’s new show “The Haves and the Have Nots” brought in record breaking numbers and his other show “Love Thy Neighbor” wasn’t too far behind with its premiere the other night, it now appears that someone has done the expected: start a petition. A new petition hit the web the other day demanding that Oprah cuts her ties with Tyler and axes the news shows immediately. And it’s because the petition creator Eva Vega thinks the show embraces too many hurtful racial stereotypes. Eva writes:

For decades Oprah Winfrey has used her television show to educate, empower, and uplift people of all races to be better versions of themselves. OWN has committed to be an extension of this work.

Where it is clear that neither Oprah or Tyler Perry are not experts on race and racism, they have also refused to utilize feedback from the conscious Black community and scholars on racism regarding the damage that Tyler Perry and his brand of entertainment perpetuate against the Black community.

Stop supporting racist stereotypes on OWN and remove Tyler Perry programming!


Eva also goes on to refer to Tyler Perry’s work as “Malt liquor” for the community, the popular label Tyler’s critics tend to refer to in their complaints:

Tyler Perry is “malt liquor” for the community! His entertainment is hurtful to the Black community. He perpetuates stereotypes and has no place on OWN.

Help uplift women of all races and the Black community . Remove his programming.


So far, the petition has only gathered 89 signatures. Considering the viewership was in the millions and record breaking, we have a feeling this petition will fall on deaf ears.


  1. “Tyler Perry is “malt liquor” for the community!” <<<< So the chick who started the petition couldn't think of her own insults? Toure coined that wack term. Man, is she that lazy to not think for herself and formulate her own opinions on Tyler Perry? No wonder it only has 80 something signatures. Sit down.

  2. I’m starting to think people only hate Tyler Perry so much because it’s become the “IT” thing to do.

  3. It’s really not that serious. And Oprah isn’t getting rid of his shows. They are keeping her in business.

  4. Oh please. I’m not even a TP fan but this is stupid. I swear it doesn’t matter what this man does, some people will NEVER be happy. All this hate honestly is starting to make me root for him strange enough

  5. I wish people would get a life. We are grown. If you don’t like it, cut your damn TV off. Don’t tell me what to watch.

  6. A waste of a petition. Why would Oprah get rid of the highest rated shows because 100 people say so? LOL.

  7. They do have a right to their opinions, but I think people take things way too far when it comes to this man. He is not trying to destroy the black community. There is way worse on TV featuring black people. Go protest those shows if you care so much about blacks.

  8. This is pretty dumb. Not a fan, but I’m starting to understand that we all have different experiences. Not everything he makes is meant to speak to all of us. Respect that and move on.

  9. I am annoyed by this because I would rather people step up and start making their own films than start these dumb petitions. Hate Tyler Perry? Ok. Cool. Make a better movie and a better TV show then. That would help black people so much more.

  10. If you want something to “educate, empower, and uplift”, then go watch an educational program. I want something that I can be entertained with. I don’t want to have to be serious all the time.

    I guess the thousands of black folk who enjoyed the shows must not be a part of the “conscious Black community” that she speaks of.

  11. Eva need to shut up and get a life…if she don’t like Tyler Perry’s plays, movies, and sitcoms CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! Nobody is making her watch his shows, Tyler Perry is not scared or ashamed to write about the truth, what he is giving us is every day life not some made for T.V. fairy tales. Stop hating Eva and get your OWN life (no pun intended) it is a shame that every time that a person of color rises to the top there is always someone trying to tear them down. Keep showing whatever you want to Oprah Winfrey and keep on making movies, plays, and sitcoms that we can relate to that have messages that tell the truth Tyler…look at all of the crap that we have been watching on channels 2,4,7,….before there was OWN. There’s no problem watching the pictures, movies, sitcoms and cable shows that have been shown everyday since I have been old enough to watch T.V., with all of the disrespectful crap that those channels have been, will be, and continue to show EVERY DAY. Oprah and Tyler you are a haters worst nightmare. Aren’t they EVA!!!

  12. puhhh leeeese “black uncle sam scientology community” Im sure they are white people with puppet strings behind their venom towards TP. Nothing is said when you have people like Katt Williams murdering black people and enforcing stereotypes of black people. Hypocrites, stop trying to destroy a very great thing with TP. White ppl sit back and want you to destroy and divide. You should encourage and support your brothers and sisters “black community”. They are doing much better than you or anyone of these garbage black tv reality shows are doing.

  13. The 89 signatures came from Eva’s family and people who she paid or promised something….she is so lonely and desperate for attention…we still don’t know who you are Eva beyond an angry jealous blogger.

  14. My first thoughts are, “REALLY”??? Look we are our worst enemy. If you can’t pull something good from both of these shows something is seriously wrong. If you don’t like don’t watch. Whether they are African America or not, this is really sad. When I see this show I don’t see COLOR, because I have white friend that can relate. At the end of the day some people need to laugh and get a life. Just FYI I am a educated African American male that work in Corporate America, and I have always worked hard for what I have. God please help our people to stop falling for anything, but stand for what is right. This world would be a better place.

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