Miguel Says He Thinks Infamous Leg Drop Incident & Memes Are Funny

Photo Credit: YouTube/KissFMUK
Photo Credit: YouTube/KissFMUK

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Miguel has clearly had an eventful couple of weeks. Not only did he proclaim black people as being “the most judgmental people in the world” on his Twitter account, but he’s had two high-profile performances end in disaster in the last couple of weeks. One was his recent performance on Good Morning America with Mariah Carey, while the other was that infamous Billboard Music Awards performance that resulted in him accidentally “leg dropping” a fan. As a result of the incident, Miguel has become a favorite target for memes, and even wresting legend Hulk Hogan hilariously gave the singer his props for mastering his signature wresting move on an unsuspecting fan. Although Miguel might end up getting hit with a lawsuit over the incident, he did admit in a recent interview that he even finds humor in the incident himself. He tells Kiss F Muk:

“Honestly, I’ll take you through the whole thing. Day one, the day of, I was mortified. First of all, you have to remember I’m still human so my natural inclination is to be, ‘Are you okay?’ That’s the natural thing to do. But the professional part is, ‘You have to finish the show.’ Finish and then deal with everything. Had I stopped the show, had I stopped it, it would have been even worse. It would have been extremely worse, on national television — it would have been mayhem. So, finish the show, rush to the girl, soon as the camera pops off, rush to the girl, ‘Are you okay? Come on – I escort her myself, never mind who’s around, ‘Get out of the way, we need help.’ … After making sure she was okay, the producers asked if I wanted to do an interview and I’m like, ‘She just…’ You know what I’m saying? That’s kind of inhuman. Interestingly, she was actually a really good sport about it. She was like, ‘No, I would love to. Great.’ And I haven’t seen the interview. We did it actually like five minutes afterward. But I know I was super uncomfortable just like — fast forward, two days later after it all kind of fizzled, and I’m looking at memes and pictures of myself, like, I can’t help but laugh. Like, what do you do? It’s funny, I’m sorry, it’s funny and I can’t even front.”


Check out the clip below:


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