Beyonce Gets Slammed by Feminists for ‘Chime for Change’ Concert Attire

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce has plenty of tongues wagging when it comes to her new album that’s dropping sometime this year, however, the singer hasn’t officially released any new music just yet.  Regardless, her loyal fans whom she affectionately refers to as the “Beyhive” are still excited, and pretty happy with some of the new music she’s debuted on her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Despite numerous questions still posed about her fifth studio album, Beyonce’s solid reputation as a performer landed her the spot as the headliner for the “Chime for Change” concert this year. Although the performance was one many made it clear they loved (she even brought her hubby Jay-Z on stage for “Crazy in Love”), turns out her concert attire is making headlines just as much as her actual performance itself. Apparently since the concert is supposed to promote the feminist movement and women’s rights, the actual feminists had a problem with what Beyonce decided to wear on stage. And they took to the social networks in droves to make their feelings known. The Daily Mail reports:

Chime For Change’s Sound Of Change concert was meant to be the event that put women’s rights firmly in the spotlight.

But the overall message of Saturday night’s star-studded concert at Twickenham Stadium in London seemed to be lost on some of the performers, according to many critics.

Twitter brimmed with harsh but fair questions, including why modern day feminism requires wearing a pair of ‘spiked heels’ and underwear, and if the sexy performances were entirely appropriate.

Headliner Beyonce, 31, drew plenty of negative feedback for her skimpy outfit, a tiny leather bodice which covered her arms but left her legs on full show.

‘I am all about female empowerment in every form. I am. But why does it have to be celebrated in spike heels and knickers every time? #Beyonce,’ tweeted on bemused fan.

‘Beyonce is singing At Last in leather knickers while quotes from Rosa Parks and Princess Diana blare on the screen behind her #empowerment,’ sneered another.

‘Huge concert promoting female empowerment… and Beyonce’s backing dancers are all wearing thongs,’ noted one.


Of course Beyonce wasn’t the only star to get ripped to shreds by feminists for her choice in clothes. J-Lo, Mary J. Blige and Iggy Azaela also came under fire.

But what do you think? Does feminism mean a woman should be empowered to wear whatever she chooses? Or does feminism mean a woman should dress conservatively, so she won’t be labeled as a sexual object? Post your thoughts below.


  1. So let me get this straight. Feminism means putting another woman down for what she is wearing? Oh the irony.

  2. Womp Womp Womp it’s not that serious. Bey and Jay perform together all the time what’s the big deal. Anyways can’t please everyone.

  3. Oh please. Feminists annoy the phuck out of me. They hold women back more than men do. Just catty, vicious, annoying females. Go away already.

  4. Sounds like these women need to get a life. They probably don’t have a man either.

  5. These so called “feminists” are ignorant to their own message. Feminism was created so women could be equal to men. Last time I checked, men wear whatever the hell they damn well please, and they don’t get criticized for it. No one tells them they have to dress conservatively when they get on stage and perform. But now women have to dress a certain what to promote feminism? Sounds like these women are lost themselves.

  6. Not a big deal. Sounds like jealous & bitter women hiding behind the term “feminist.” Who cares about them anyway?

  7. Stupid. All of them. Feminism means wearing what you what to. Not submitting to dressing conservatively.

  8. And this, folks, is why so many women refuse to wear the feminist label.

    Should she have worn the feminist uniform? You know, the baggy jeans, black t-shirt and grey blazer? Maybe she should cut her hair short and never dye it, too. If she strutted on stage like this with a pair of Chuck Taylor’s on, she would have been a hit with them, right?

    Whatever. Next!

  9. I guess emulating dressing like hookers is consider what’s hot in the street these days. No, wonder why the music industry is a joke! Let this be another black female artist Keyshia Cole. The comment would be a lot differently.

    1. A hooker? I had no idea a leotard was hooker gear. And what do little girls wear during their dance recitals…oh wait…a leotard! The shame of it all! *rolls eyes*

      You Keyshia Cole fans are just as jealous and salty as Keyshia is. Bringing her up on every Beyonce post won’t save her career. She’s still not hot. Move on.

      1. You Bey tards are so stuck Beyonce a-s it is not really funny. Invest in a real life caping for someone who does not give a f-ck about you! I guess your reading skills are low as your King Beyonce. I never said I was a Keyshia Cole fan you delusional Bey tard.

        1. Oh wow, so you have to use profanity to get your point across, but you’re trying to make fun of my reading skills? I assume you really meant comprehension skills, but you’re obviously not intelligent enough to understand the difference between reading and comprehension, hence resorting to profanity to make a point. And if that wasn’t ignorant enough, you also need to make fun of innocent people born with learning disabilities because you hate Beyonce. Bey tard? Really? You lack class, intelligence, and are absolutely disgusting. Now I get your anger for Beyonce…I mean, just look at how you carry yourself. You’re a joke. You can’t even hang in this comment section. No wit, nothing. You’re the only person on here cursing to make a point. But you’re not worthy of any more of my time, you pathetic excuse of a woman. Talk to yourself, I don’t like to waste my energy on weak people…it’s boring. Type away, dimwit.


  10. Not that serious. You can tell who’s bitter on here…bringing up Keyshia Cole…why? Anyway, feminism has always been about choice. I’m so glad women are wearing what they want to now & writing their own rules. They were too scared to do that back in the day. If anyone is that small minded to call it looking like a tramp, they are just as oppressive as the men who didn’t want us voting. Much love to Bey, Rihanna, Madonna & every other woman doing what they want to. That’s how it should have always been. I wear what i want and I agree with most of you. 🙂

  11. Ladies,

    While we love your comments, we simply can’t stand childishness. If you have to resort to calling someone out of their name (b*tch, h*e) to get your point across, your comment will be deleted. We value all of our readers, but it’s never that serious. What we won’t do is contribute or support the stereotype that women of color are angry, ignorant, and can’t express ourselves maturely. That’s not what we are about. You want a blog/site/place where women of color behave like animals in the comment section, you’ll find hundreds of those on Google. But not here. Any comments that reflect childishness and name calling will be deleted and not posted. Be grown.

    This is a Beyonce post, how is name calling warranted? I’m closing this thread because I’m disappointed by how terrible one of the comments was I had no choice but to trash minutes ago.



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