Listen: Wale Releases ‘Bad (Remix)’ Featuring Rihanna

The official cover for the "Bad (Remix)."
The official cover for the “Bad (Remix).”

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wale has a new album dropping soon, but the DC rapper has been working effortlessly for a while now to get his first hit album. Things seem to be looking up for Wale considering he did get a smash hit out of his latest single “Bad” featuring Tiara Thomas. Although Tiara nailed the chorus and made it sound so effortless, Wale has decided to take things a step further and do a remix to the hit. And this time it’s not Tiara Thomas giving life to the chorus, but actually “Diamonds” and recently crowed Complex’s “Hottest Woman Right Now” singer Rihanna.

Although some suspected Rihanna might actually rap a little something on the track, she actually doesn’t “spit” any bars, and instead she gives her all strictly to the song’s infamous chorus.

Wale himself brings some freshness to the track, as all of his rap verses are brand new. In the song, he clearly gives love to Rihanna by promoting her fashion collection with River Island in a verse and makes references to bad girls being “unapologetic.” Although plenty of people seem to love the remix already, others are disappointed it doesn’t sound drastically different from the original version.

Then of course there are others who kind of wish they could hear more of Rihanna and suggested the singer should have gotten her very own verse to make the song complete.

Either way, check out the song and be the judge yourself. After you listen to it, tells us which version is better…the remix or the original?


  1. I don’t like the first version and don’t get the point of this one because it sounds too much like the original. I guess he wanted to do this to get some buzz by putting Rihanna on it.

  2. That’s it?! I thought it was going to be so much more the way they kept hyping it up. Boo.

  3. No shade at all but I don’t like it. Tiara Thomas did such a good job on the original. I don’t even like Wale verses on the remix it’s like he is trying to hard for the remix. I prefer the original.

  4. He should have left a classic alone. Putting Rihanna on it doesn’t make it better just because she’s a bigger star than Tiara.

  5. I don’t like it because Rihanna tried to sound just like Tiara. She should have brought her own sound to the remix.

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