Kelly Rowland Says People Hoping for Her to Beef with Beyonce are Sad

Photo Credit: OMG! Insider
Photo Credit: OMG! Insider

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kelly Rowland is dropping new album, “Talk A Good Game,” this month and the R&B singer is opening up plenty not just in her new music, but also in her most recent interviews. Although “Kisses Down Low” has done well thus far, Kelly dropped another single that has people talking more than the original single. “Dirty Laundry” is one of Kelly’s most open songs to date, and is pretty much an admission to the world that she was once jealous of Beyonce’s success and was even once involved in a past abusive relationship. In a recent interview with OMG! Insider, Kelly claims she doesn’t understand why people want her to beef with Beyonce so bad and those that desire the two singers to have issues with one another are sad:

“People wanted those stories for years. I think people wanted those stories for years and that’s just so sad on them because it’s not like that.

“I just think it’s so sad we live in a world where people don’t want to see women get along and encourage and empower each other. And that’s what we do for each other.”


When asked how her current relationship with Beyonce is now, Kelly says:

“I love my sister. And she is so incredibly supportive (breaks down crying). One of the closest people to me. I love her to death and I love being an aunt.”


Kelly also claims Beyonce had no issues with “Dirty Laundry”:

“She looked at me and she said, ‘It’s incredible.’ She said how proud she was of me. And then said, ‘I never left.’ It was so true. She never left. I checked out for a minute.”


  1. It has to suck that she still can’t have one interview without people asking her about Beyonce. Damn.

    1. She could deflect the questions or request them to stop asking via her publicist. She doesn’t want to because it guarantees her press. It’s a business move.

  2. Poor Kelly. She will always be in Beyonce’s shadow. If her team was smart, they wouldn’t have made a song about Bey. Now that’s all they want to ask her in interviews. Develop a plan to get out of Bey’s shadow, not take a permanent seat in it.

  3. That Dirty Laundry song won’t chart…I just don’t see it being a hit. Kelly needs to come harder. I’m scared she’s going to flop!

    1. Me too girl. I mean is she sitting on the real hit and planning to break it out next week or something? Because I don’t hear one so far.

  4. I agree with her. I think Bey and Kelly are genuine friends and sadly, people just refuse to accept that. Pretty ridiculous.

  5. She’s right BUT she has to stop talking about Beyonce all the time. This isn’t going to help her get on Bey’s level. They don’t ask Bey about Kelly…that should tell Kelly something.

  6. I just think it’s so sad we live in a world where people don’t want to see women get along and encourage and empower each other. >>>>>>>>>> TRUTH.

  7. I don’t care for the Dirty Laundry song. Yes, it’s open, raw, etc. But it’s not something I want to hear over and over again. It’s not a hit. She made it for buzz, but didn’t think about the charts. Kelly has to pick better songs. She struggles too much with that.

  8. Hate the Dirty Laundry song. It’s a obvious publicity stunt and has set her up to still depend on Beyonce for attention. Pathetic.

  9. Who’s the slow person that got that last Beyonce post shut down? I subscribed (I feel so guilty) and admin just shut it down. King Bey, what did you do? LOL!

    1. LOL. I saw that too. You can tell who is new on here. They can’t respond to someone without calling them names and using profanity. Like how old are you? Smh.

      This is why I LOVE this site. They do care about how people talk on here. I appreciate that. You should be able to disagree without someone acting ghetto. Can we at least try to fight against the angry black woman stereotype? Goodness.

      KB handled it well, as always.LOL.

    2. The only thing I did was piss off a stupid person who got so mad they had to rely on profanity to “put me in my place.” I got a good laugh and moved on. I’m sure my response was too complicated for them to actually respond to, so they probably pulled the usual, weak move and called me out my name. Admin trashed it and closed the thread. You know how simpletons do. I’m unbothered.

      1. Stop raising people’s blood pressure girl…got people foaming at the mouth, slamming down on the keyboard and sh-t trying to curse you out. LOL.

  10. U guys showed such class, not feeding into the B/S…..NOW….u r taking the bate…by even responding…..LOL

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