Miguel Claps Back at ‘Leg Drop’ Lawsuit Reports?

Photo Credit: @miguelunlimited Instagram
Photo Credit: @miguelunlimited Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The Miguel leg drop commentary is still going strong as things have been pretty crazy these past few weeks for the R&B singer. And it all started when he leg dropped one of his fans during his performance at the Billboard Music Awards. For those who didn’t catch Miguel taking one of his fans out, all the many memes that hit the web let people know just what they missed go down live on stage. The memes and all the jokes that were made about his leg drop incident looked like they were getting to Miguel as he went on a Twitter rant about Black people being too judgmental of each other. The singer claimed though that he found it all to be hilarious. The potential lawsuit that Miguel might be hit with by the woman he leg dropped is sure to wipe the smile right off his face though, it now being reported that the fan Miguel hit with his leg could have brain damage.

The producers of the Billboard Music Awards supposedly ordered Miguel not to try the jump because it was too dangerous of a stunt to attempt. Miguel was said to have presented the idea of jumping across the audience to the producers before rehearsals and they were not having it at all. The singer allegedly ignored the producers’ request and took it upon himself to attempt the jump anyway.

In the midst of all the lawsuit talk that is surrounding the leg drop incident, Miguel tweeted what looks to be his response to all the reports that are being made.

He tweets:

miguel leg drop

So what exactly does the tweet mean? Is this Miguel’s way of saying the reports are false? It sure sounds like it.


  1. Did he not see the same footage we saw?! That girl can most certainly say she got brain damage from the drop kick.

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