Kelly Rowland Refuses to Name Abusive Ex, Claims He’s Changed

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Kelly Rowland abusive ex controversy surrounding her song “Dirty Laundry” has created some sort of guessing game to decipher just who Kelly claims abused her in the past and caused her to get so raw and emotional on the new track. Although some people believe Kelly is singing about Cuda Love, one of Nelly’s associates, nothing has been confirmed. Despite the fact the public isn’t sure just who was abusing Kelly in her darker days, the singer did tell OMG! Insider she feels the relationship was nothing more than an “emotional roller coaster”:


“It was an emotional roller coaster, a piece of me would just go away. Everytime he would say something…”


Kelly also says she will always remember the day her ex told her no one cared about her, especially not Beyonce:

“I remember those words. We all know how these relationships work. The person that’s trying to tear you away from the people that build you up, so they can tear you down.”


Although the singer is now opening up about her past as an abuse victim, don’t expect her to name the ex. In fact, Kelly says it’s not important and the only thing the public needs to know is that he has changed:

“That’s not important. But he’s a different person now. He’s a better person now.

“I had to walk away. You just get tired. You get tired of not being happy. That’s just not a life you want to live.”


  1. I want Kelly to win but I do want some new talking points. All she talks about is Bey and this damn song now. It’s getting boring.

  2. I think she’s going to flop again. The song isn’t that good and neither is the Kisses Down Low one. She needs a new team.

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