Khloe Kardashian Says She’s Irritated with People Blaming Reality TV for Lamar’s Career Bumps

Photo Credit: @khloekardashian Instagram
Photo Credit: @khloekardashian Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Did Khloe Kardashian ruin Lamar Odom’s career? When Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom aren’t the target of the tabloids and pesky divorce rumors, the couple defends their marriage against the critics in their interviews. Khloe is fully aware most people are shocked her marriage lasted as long as it has considering she only dated Lamar for a few months before they decided to walk down the aisle. However, it’s also pretty obvious Lamar’s career hasn’t been so hot since he signed up to do a reality show with his wife. And this is one of the main reasons people tend to believe the marriage could be in trouble. In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Khloe admits she gets frustrated when people blame their reality show on Lamar’s obvious bumps in his career. When asked if there will be another season of “Khloe & Lamar,” she says:

“Yes. It’s not finished. I’m really protective. I’m like a mama bear. And when my husband and I filmed season one, Lamar won Sixth Man of the Year, was the first (Los Angeles) Laker to do so, he won a gold medal, and he also won a championship ring for the Lakers. But the year he got traded, people wanted to say, “Oh, it’s because of the show.” So, I was really irritated. This is my husband’s career, and I just didn’t like that someone would use this tool in a negative way. . . . But, yes, it will hopefully come back sooner (rather) than later. Lamar loves doing the show.”


Khloe also made sure to do a little damage control for her sister Kim Kardashian’s very controversial relationship with Kanye West:

“How weird that we all are with only children. (Laughs.) We’ve known Kanye for years, so he’s known what our family is like. He definitely does his own thing. Scott works with us. Lamar is away a lot (with basketball), and Kanye has his own career. But Kanye’s there for holidays and all the stuff that matters.”


  1. I disagree with her. In fact it just seems like Lamar who is a different person now. His last name should be legally changed to Kardashian.

  2. Why don’t they let Kim speak for herself? They are always trying to do her damage control Annoying.

  3. She can be in denial all she wants to. That family is poisonous. But these kneegrows will jump through hoola hoops to be close to them so…

  4. I used to like Khloe. Now I see she really isn’t that much different from everyone else in her family.

  5. “But Kanye’s there for holidays and all the stuff that matters.” <<<< That was the whole point of the interview. You better clean up your sister's mess boo.

  6. It is Karma for Lamar he never married his girlfriend of like 10 years but married Khloe without a blink of an eye. Khloe can also cut the damage control because if Kim and Kanye are truly happy why keep trying to prove to everybody they are perfect for each other.

  7. Ain’t nobody checking for Lamar anymore. And that’s because he married Khloe and got all involved in the Kardashian family business. Now he makes appearances willingly because that’s where most of his money comes from now. If Kanye doesn’t watch it, he will end up in the same predicament. The way his new music sounds like so far, that’s exactly where he’s headed.

      1. Ha! Actually, what I said was true. I guess you think I just made that up because I’m a “hater.” You’d be surprised how much money that family makes. Lamar makes more with them than the NBA now. He was just on IG promoting some clothing company with Khloe an hour or so ago. But whatever.

        1. What does being a hater have to do with anything. Lamar made over 8 million in one year playing ball. He does not make over a million with the family in a year. Khloe and Lamar show hasn’t taped in almost 2 years.

          That’s Lamar’s clothing line that he had before they even got married.

          1. You obviously care too much. What is your problem? I can type what I want on here. I’m not talking about the show and I’m not talking about the clothing line they just made up and are getting sued for. That family makes money in numerous ways and he is a full participant of it. All of this came out in Kim’s divorce. They have a lot of ventures together. For you to be a stan you should know that already. I’m done replying to you. Talk to yourself.

      2. That’s an inflated number you most likely got from Wikipedia…even if so, it’s not a whole lot compared to most players. Even Kris Humphries makes more. And that’s why he does a lot of things with Khloe on the side. Viv has it right.

  8. They always send out Khloe to do Kim’s damage control because they know she’s the most liked one out of the whole family. Her and Bruce. And lately Bruce has been talking too much so he has been making things worse. I know Kim was mad he told the truth and said Kanye isn’t ever around. So now they roll out Khloe to reassure everyone Kanye is around when it matters, the holidays. LOL.

  9. Girl bye. That show ruined Lamar’s career. How can you respect a basketball player who cares more about reality tv than his productivity on the court?

  10. Actually, what she said makes sense. Lamar played his best basketball as a Laker the year they filmed the show. He won his first individual award. He went on to be the starting center for TeamUSA for the worlds the year they won Gold. I think Lamar’s troubles came from when he got traded. He just didn’t cope unfortunately.

  11. I will say Lamar is a grown man so we can’t blame it all on Khloe. But it just seems like he just caring about basketball. He got all Kardashian all of a sudden. Sad but he seems like a weak dude.

  12. My 2 cents…I think the trade put a nail in his career. But he got traded because of the show. It was just too much for a high profile team like the Lakers. Why would they like being associated with the K’s? They weren’t feeling it and gave him the boot. And instead of handling his business, his emotions from getting traded got to him and he wasn’t showing up to practice for the other teams…that is what killed his career. But it’s not over. He’s still playing ball, so it’s up to him to redeem himself.

    1. I agree the trade was the cause of his slump, but I disagree with the reason he got traded. Lakers needed a point guard. They had the chance at getting Chris Paul. They were willing to trade Pau Gasol and Lamar in order to get Chris Paul. The NBA nixed the deal. Pau was hurt but got over the fact the Lakers wanted to trade him and stayed. Lamar couldn’t get over it and left. And both the Lakers and Lamar have been in slumps since the trade.

  13. LOL at fonts being mad because of differing opinions. NBA salary is public info. Khloe doesn’t make more money than Lamar. LO started the clothing line and even had a record label when he first came into the league. Well, before the Kardashians. His clothing line is not being sued. They were threatened to be sued unless they removed a shirt from the line. He removed the shirt. Actually, I do like Khloe and Lamar together. Been a fan of LO since he hooped at URI.

  14. Khloe is a gold digging tramp like her sister and Lamar Odom is a subpar player no one cares about. When Kris Humphries makes more than you, you suck. Glad the Lakers traded him!

  15. We all know that Khloe a lair ,,and she know she got some type of surgery done, to lose that weight. Lamar seen like he’s a little slow to me, he career start going down hill after Lamar marry her, and when he let Kris become his manger. .

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