It’s Getting Messy: Wale’s Assistant Drags Tiara Thomas, Tiara Claps Back at Wale

Photo Credit: @tiara_thomas Instagram
Photo Credit: @tiara_thomas Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Is there a Wale and Tiara Thomas beef brewing? Wale might have gotten a hit out of his single “Bad” which featured up and coming R&B singer Tiara Thomas, but it also appears it’s caused some drama for him too. Although Tiara actually helped co-write the song, apparently the friction between the two artists came from some contract issues. After the song became a smash hit for Wale and both established a friendship prior to recording the hit, Wale expect Tiara to sign with him. However, Tiara decided to go in a different direction and instead she inked a record deal with Division 1/Interscope. Although Wale claims he doesn’t want to cause any beef by saying anything about the situation, those close to the rapper claim he’s furious about the situation and he feels betrayed.

Critics however feel Wale should take most of the blame regarding the situation because he should have had the proper paperwork in place when it came to working with Tiara. Wale agrees with the critics, and claims the whole thing is just a lesson learned.

Well we guess the lesson learned isn’t enough to keep the rapper’s alleged assistant from dragging Tiara.

The other night a woman most claim is the assistant to Wale had some not so friendly words for Tiara. She popped off not too long after Wale simply tweeted “Loyalty.” Read the tweets from the bottom to the top:

wale and tiara thomas beef 3
wale and tiara thomas beef 2
wale and tiara thomas beef


While Tiara didn’t tweet back the rapper’s assistant, she did throw some shade to Wale (read from the bottom to the top):

wale and tiara thomas beef 4


  1. This is so ghetto and ratchet. Wale should have handled his business. No one is your friend. Welcome to the music business bruh.

  2. Wale needs to just let it go and tell his people to do the same. If she did him dirty, karma will handle it. But they can’t be mad at the girl for doing what she felt was in her best interest. As unprofessional as they are acting now, they are showing her she made the right decision.

  3. This is just too much. And sign to what? Does Wale even have his own label? No offense, but he isn’t all that hot himself. I wouldn’t have signed with him either…

  4. Wale needs to shut the hell up and stop b-tching. He’s the most feminine rapper i’ve seen in a log time besides Kanye and ASAP Rocky. All they do is cry but at least they don’t get females to fight their battles for them like this wimp. Pathetic.

  5. Was it disloyal for Tiara to sign with someone else other than Wale who put her on? Yes but he is the dumb a-s that never made her sign a contract. Before they even made that song or even while making that song he should have put papers on her. He can’t get mad that he didn’t handle his business. This is what separates these dumb a-s rappers from true bosses like Jay. SMH

  6. Tiara did not go behind Wale’s back and sign to Rico Love’s record label she told him that she was going to sign with him. Wale did an interview that is on NecoleB* and in it he was explaining what happened with him and Tiara. He said that he and Tiara had been working together for years and he just wanted to continue taking his time working with her and feeling her out. Now mind you the song Bad that Tiara first wrote and then tweaked it with Wale’s verses is a hit and she started getting the recognition that she deserved for it. When that happens a lot of record companies will try to sign you. Wale wasn’t trying to sign her just yet even though she has that star quality, so she probably went with someone who did. Why wait around for someone when you have been with them for along time and they still are dragging their feet? Wale didn’t want to say too much, but you could tell he was definitely feeling some kind of way because she did go with Rico Love’s label it probably was better then what Wale could or was offering. You can’t expect her to just wait idly by when she has bills to pay and needs to take care of. I don’t know all of what happened because Wale was not spilling everything, but he seemed hurt and salty. At the end of the day Tiara had to do what she felt was best for her only time will tell if it was. I wish her much success. It isn’t any loyalty when you eating and I’m not.

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