Karlie Redd Drags Joseline Hernandez & Claims She Can’t Make it Without Stevie J.

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Did Karlie Redd and Joseline fight? The beef between Karlie Redd and Joseline Hernandez didn’t look like it would get to the level of the one Karlie had going with her former arch nemesis K. Michelle. Things have surely changed with season two of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” though. Nobody’s shaking the table this time around, however Karlie and Joseline did have a heated exchange on the show this season. They were even rumored to have come to blows after Karlie’s live performance with reggae artist Beenie Man. Karlie Redd didn’t deny or confirm a fight with Joseline and says that people have to tune in to the show to find out what really went down between them. Karlie did fire some massive shots at Joseline in an interview that she did with Diva Den Ent., but she first revealed her current status with K. Michelle:

“Yeah, we’re really, really good friends…The diss song was before friendship…Yeah, she definitely did come to support [one of my events] so we are definitely cool.”

Karlie might be cool with K. Michelle now and still have a desire to link up with Stevie J. in the studio, she makes her feelings about Joseline known. And she says Joseline has no room to say anything about her résumé as she has been doing reality TV for awhile unlike Joseline:

“I’m doing really, really well. I mean like I said before, this is not my first VH1 show. This is Joseline’s first VH1 show. So obviously, I already made it in this industry. Cha-ching! My  résumé speaks for itself…This is not my first show. This is your first show. You can look at my resume all online…I already been getting royalty checks.”

Karlie also says if Joseline gets kicked off of Stevie J.’s bus, her career is over because she has nothing to fall back on:

“I graduated with a degree. Cha-ching! Did Joseline do that?  I don’t think so! I graduated with a degree in film making…You know, I’m a smart girl. It’s not like I’m just some little thing that just came from out of the strip club and I just decided to pop on “Love & Hip Hop.” Nah, I have a fall back. If Stevie J. kicks you off his bus, you ain’t got no fall back…Where you gone go? I have a degree in film making. I’ve been directing films, I’ve been writing scripts, I’ve been doing this, I’ve been on television shows and I’m still doing movies…Can you even read a script? Do you know how to act? I mean, I have many fall backs. And I’m not on Stevie J.’s bus, so he can’t kick me off.”

Check out Karlie’s interview below:


  1. Sigh…Karlie please. Reality TV is not a real career. And straight to DVD movies don’t count sweetie.

  2. Honestly, Karlie and Joseline are kind of in the same boat. They can’t do anything more than reality TV.

  3. LOL. These people act like reality TV is a legitimate career that will be around forever. Yes, she might have a degree, but it doesn’t look like she’s been using it. Good luck with that boo.

  4. I would have never guessed Karlie had a degree from the way she talk and act but I digress. Like I said all these reality people are on the same level in my opinion. Only person I give props to is Kmichelle because she took that reality and using it for bigger and better.

  5. And what resume does she speak of? Never heard of Karlie until the show. And considering how much she lies, I don’t even know if I should believe anything she said in this interview.

    1. Lol!! Her resume consists of Love & Hip Hop and Scream Queens smh. No made for DVD movies or no director credits. Maybe we should check you tube for her directorial debut smh.

  6. Girl goodbye. Joseline and Karlie are one in the same. Once this show is done, they are done. I don’t know why people get on reality TV and get arrogant. If you don’t use it to do bigger and better things, you’ll just end up broke and jobless when the show gets cancelled.

  7. LMAO. I just got a good laugh when she said she “made it.” Man, she is in for a rude awakening when she gets fired after this season. Mona has already pushed her so far back into the background I forgot she was on the show.

  8. The crazy thing is Karlie is right but what she is saying applies to her also. I mean, what else can she do besides reality TV? She needs to get more serious about using her degrees. These reality shows aren’t long term.

  9. I’m so many weeks behind on this show :/. Karlie, I can’t with you, not after you were in a relationship with Benzino. That right there was weird.

  10. What resume Karlie? You did one other show on VH1 and was gone in 3 weeks – lack of talent!! No wonder Scream Queens didn’t last long!! You don’t hear about any of the contestants on the show. You needed this show to becom relevant again. What woman who is about her business is ashamed of her age? Really? Stop hanging around the 20’s and 30’s crowd and get with your own age group….40+!! You have an education…..how about using it??

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