Karlie Redd Puts Shekinah Jo on Blast Amid Growing Tension with Spice

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Karlie Redd’s friendship with Spice is rocky.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Karlie Redd is in the hot seat during the current season. She’s been good friends with Spice for years. However, Spice hasn’t been feeling Karlie’s actions as of late. So she has been questioning the authenticity of their friendship. This started after Spice nearly died during surgery. Apparently, Karlie was with her in the hospital. But she’s been accused of withholding information about Spice and not answering questions when Spice’s other friends asked for updates. In fact, Shekinah Jo and Rasheeda were upset that they weren’t able to get any answers from Karlie. Karlie later said she was only respecting the wishes of Spice’s family members. And they didn’t want Spice’s health information shared at the time.

Spice also took issue with Karlie buying a house in her neighborhood. According to Spice, she and Karlie had a previous conversation about Karlie moving into the neighborhood. And Spice told Karlie that she didn’t want them to become neighbors. For Spice, it was just all about being able to maintain her privacy. So when Karlie made the decision to move forward regardless, Spice told her other friends that Karlie was acting a bit stalker-like. This was confusing to Karlie because she said she actually wanted to live in the neighborhood before Spice bought her house.

Karlie Redd gets even with Shekinah Jo.

Since Spice has taken issue with Karlie’s moves as of late, she has cooled off from the friendship. And things may come to a head on the upcoming episode.

In the trailer for the next episode, Shekinah and Karlie clash something serious. They argue about who is a more loyal friend to Spice. As words are exchanged, Karlie ends up making a very messy accusation about Shekinah’s personal life.

Karlie tells Shekinah, “You never come to any of her ****!”

Shekinah responds, “You a goofy *** *****!”

And Karlie then says, “You **** a married man!”

Interestingly enough, this won’t be the only controversial moment of the episode. As we reported, Bambi and Erica Dixon nearly come to blows as well.


  1. These are people that are in the line light and they need to understand that young people watch them and teach them how to be shady and crooked..
    Get your check but be mindful of the perception that you’re giving…
    Mama Dee needs to stop trying to be Scrappys Wife and Be His Mother.

  2. Not a Karlie fan but I don’t like how they’re treating her this season. It’s childish and gross. And Erica and Bambi need to grow up and be better examples for their children.

  3. Erica has been complaining about how Bambi treats her daughter for years!
    WHY wait until the cameras are on to say something 🙄?
    Erica ain’t bout that life!

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