Pay Up Kordell: Porsha Stewart Wins Big, Granted Temporary Spousal Support

Photo Credit: @porshadstewart Instagram
Photo Credit: @porshadstewart Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

More Porsha Stewart spousal support news? Porsha Stewart has already made it clear she has no plans of reconciling with Kordell although he did make an attempt to get her back post filing for divorce behind her back. But the former couple has been duking it out in court like scorned lovers. After numerous accusations have been thrown back and forth by both, it now appears that the decision regarding Porsha Stewart getting temporary spousal support has been reached. As we reported recently, Kordell turned in court papers suggesting he felt he shouldn’t be responsible for Porsha’s finances since she’s now a celebrity. Welp, according to new reports, Kordell has lost the battle and he must pay Porsha thousands a month in temporary spousal support. Hip Hop Enquirer reports:

It doesn’t appear that the judge was too fond of the fact that Kordell Stewart changed the locks on the marital house they both shared.

Yesterday in a Fulton County courthouse, Superior Judge Goger ordered after hearing all the evidence in a recent motion filing for spousal support, told former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart that he must pay his estranged wife $5000.00 in temporary support as well as he must return all her personal possessions to her immediately or pay for it to be put in storage unit.

The ruling was a result of a recent motion filing by Porsha Williams in which she claimed Kordell Stewart changed the locks on their home and that Kordell has locked her out of their residence on multiple occasions … and she had to have her lawyer beg Kordell’s people for a key.


The site goes on to say the judge hasn’t made a decision on who should pay attorney fees just yet. Either way, this is a huge victory for Porsha.

Here’s a copy of the court document obtained by Hip Hop Enquirer:

porsha stewart alimony


  1. Ha! That’s what Kordell gets man I wish I could see the look on that queen’s face when Porsha was awarded her money.

  2. Damn. Kordell’s little games and changing of the door locks ended up biting him in the a-s. Ha!

  3. Yahhhhh , Go Porcha!!!!! Tell Miss Thang to tell his story walking and put the checks in the mail…lol lol

  4. What happened to “I just want my name?!” Lml but good for her though she finally woke up cause I said from jump damn that I’m taking everythang! Lol

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