Chris Bosh’s Child Support Fight with Baby Mama Reignited

Photo Credit: Keith Allison
Photo Credit: Keith Allison

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Chris Bosh child support drama continues? Miami Heat star Chris Bosh might possibly be one game away from nabbing yet another Championship ring with his teammates, but his recent victory in the court over child support might be short-lived. As we recently reported, the NBA star’s ex girlfriend Allison Mathis went through the courts to fight for the child support payments to be increased because Bosh was paying her $2600 a month. The athlete’s baby mama claimed she recently lost her administrative assistant job and home, and the money Bosh was paying just wasn’t enough to stay afloat. Despite all of her attorney’s efforts, Allison lost the case and Chris Bosh was able to use his mansion in Texas to claim Texas residency, and the state’s laws surrounding child support aren’t necessarily in a woman’s advantage. Allison’s lawyer tried to prove Chris was lying about his residency, but she failed. However, Chris Bosh’s recent admission of his loyalty in Miami and his public claim that Miami will “always” be his home might have just hurt his recent court win. Gossip Extra reports:

Baby mama Allison Mathis sued Bosh to force him to pay higher Florida child support rates, about $30,000-a-month instead of the $2,600-a-month that a court in Texas told Bosh to pay.

Orlando Judge Robert Evans ruled in favor of Bosh — but with the case now in appeals court, Mathis’ lawyer says she’ll use Bosh’s new-found love for Miami to show how Bosh lied to Evans.

“Chris Bosh’s testimony in court about his being a Florida resident is exactly opposite of what he recently told the media,” said attorney Jane Carey. “He now says he intends to retire here after playing for the Heat.

“You can’t be a resident of Texas and retire in Florida.

“Chris Bosh fooled the trial judge, but we believe that the Appellate Court will reverse the lower court decision.”




  1. I still can’t believe he is fighting against paying more than $2600. He’s in the NBA. His BM doesn’t need $10,000 a month but come on…most grown ups can’t eve survive off $2k a month.

    1. He is forced to fight against paying more than $2,600.00 because the alternative is to pay $30,000.00 which makes no sense at all.

  2. Greedy bish needs to just accept what he’s paying and get a job! It’s not his responsibility to take care of her, just his daughter!

      1. It’s ‘child’ support. I think that a child can live on $2K per month. Both parents have to financially provide for the child. His 2K per month plus whatever she contributes should be sufficient if we’re being technical about it all. That said… I’d say that 7K would be a decent amount but 30K is ridiculous.

  3. This why I can’t stand Bosh he is such a douche bag I agree 30,000 a month is too much but 2,600 a month is not enough. His baby mama might be being greedy and vindictive but he chose her and regardless she has your child. I say about 5,000-10,000 a month is very reasonable for someone who has a net worth of 50 million. While he being an a-shole she might go to court and get more.

    1. You do realize that apart from the $2600, Chris Bosh also pays for her medical insurance, dental, school expenses and supplies as well as extra curricular and after school activities. he also has set up a college fund for her to which he makes regular contributions. He also provided a lump sum of $250,000 to her some years ago presumably to purchase a house. If one were to quantify all the extra expenses he incurs that were NOT court ordered in addition to that which is in fact court ordered we are looking at at least a $7000-$10000 monthly outlay. Now I’m not giving him props for doing what a father SHOULD do for his daughter but I would like us to get a little perspective here. How much does a child of that age really need? How much does the mother contribute to the child’s welfare? If Chris Bosh had been Chris Nobody would the mother be sitting on her a-s waiting for someone to come take care of the child or would she be out there working multiple jobs to make sure the baby was being taken care of.
      There are a lot of single mothers out there who would kill to have $2,600 a month tax free as a fall back option with multiple children never mind one child.
      If this woman is really concerned about the welfare of the child and feels that the child should live in a house the equivalent of that which Chris Bosh’s other child lives, sleep on the same type of sheets and be driven in the same kind of cars then she should sacrifice for the benefit of the child and let the child be brought up by her father with him being given primary physical custody.
      Its outrageous to think that the woman would spend $30000 a month on only the child’s needs and nothing on herself.

  4. I’m still riding with his ex on this one. $2600 a month is pennies. He’s being ridiculous and it’s going to come back and haunt him later. These people just don’t understand their kids will grow up and read all this stuff one day.

  5. What a douche bag! Just increase the payments to a more reasonable amount. She doesn’t need to be living it up but be fair!

    1. To be technical, $2600 in addition to the money Adrienne brings in is enough to raise a child as long as she is not living outside her means. I would also suspect that Chris Bosh would spend money on his child’s well being including schooling and healthcare.

  6. This is exactly why I’m riding for the SPURS tonight too many douche bags on the heat lol.#HEATHATER

  7. I don’t think $2600 is enough but $30,000 is way too much. Increase to $3000-$4000 and if she can’t live on that then she is being ridiculous. He’s supporting his daughter, not you! That’s more than enough money for food and clothes for the girl plus you can have an agreement to have him put money away for her for college. Other than that, she s asking for too much. Was she even married to the guy?

  8. Bosh can afford it — Florida doesn’t have any income taxes. So the money that would be going to uncle Sam is now going to go to Adrienne.

  9. Although I hate what Chris Bosh is doing in the court room, I am still cheering for the Heat on the basketball court tonight.

  10. The issue is simple to resolve. 2,600 is not enough in my opinion. I get that. The issue is the greed of her attorney and of the Child Support system. I’m almost positive that if they were asking for 7,000 to 10,000 a month it would not be as much of an issue but 30,000 is entirely too much to raise any child. The position he is being placed in is either pay 2,600 or 30,000. What would either of you don’t if faced with that option? Exactly… you’d fight for 2,600 too because while you’re making 16M today, you only have another 7 or so years in the NBA then those amounts disappear. 30,000 a month is 360K a year. That’s insanity and we all know it. It should be increased but because the increase is so drastic it forces a man who by all accounts is a decent guy overall to be an ass because the alternative is to pay an amount that while currently manageable will be unwieldy in 10 years. Neither Chris nor his ex are at fault, it’s the adversarial Child Support system that pits mothers and fathers against one another at the expense of the child.

  11. New York will always be home ,but i live in Toronto NO judge is going to make a decision base on that.
    Rihanna says Barbados will always be home but where did she buy a a house? can the Barbados government ask her for taxes.? hell no. bosh works in Miami

  12. Trifling women….bish get another job…….take care of you child and hold your head up….you don’t play basketball and you aren’t his wife….get your own!

    1. I cannot ride with you on that hondo… It’s Chris Bosh’s child. While I agree that 30K a month is entirely too much… I believe that $2,600.00 is not enough. What I don’t want to see is Bosh in jail 5 years after he retires because he still has to be pay 30K a month when he’s not making that type of money any longer.

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