The-Dream Claps Back At His Low Album Sales

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Another The-Dream Twitter rant? The-Dream is without a doubt one of the biggest behind the scenes influencers of music. Not only does the producer work with some of today’s biggest artists in the business, but he also writes hits for them. Interestingly enough, The-Dream hasn’t quite been able to do the same thing for himself, and his recent album “IV Play” flopped and only sold 23,000 copies in its first week. While some seem to think the album didn’t perform well because there wasn’t a hit single to give it any buzz, unlike most artists, The-Dream still remains a popular figure in music because of all of the work he does for other artists. But that doesn’t mean people still don’t try to come for the producer, singer, and songwriter on Twitter about his “flop” albums.

Recently, one of The-Dream’s critics took to Twitter and attempted to make fun of him for his recent flop. However, The-Dream quickly let his critic know that he doesn’t have to depend on album sales because he’s wealthy from producing and song writing for some of today’s biggest artists. Check out the tweets (read from top to bottom):

the dream twitter rant


The-Dream also appeared to have taken some shots at artists who are pushing units in excessive of 300,000 in first week sales. While that’s considered a huge achievement in today’s music industry, The-Dream says he’s not impressed by it. Some people seem to think he was shading J. Cole in some of these tweets, but we’re thinking he’s just shading the nature of the music business for artists in general. He tweets (read from the bottom up):

the dream twitter rant 2


    1. Exactly. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t have gone on this little rant. He’s such a douche bag,

  1. I need for Dream to have a stadium of seats. So I suggest he sticks to writing and producing because nobody wants hear a teddy bear whine for sex. Then he proceeds to shade J. Cole but was too weak to say his name LAME!!!!!!!

  2. Sigh…this guy really gets on my nerves. And with all these kids he keeps having, he better be smart with his money. Producers get hot and cold just like artists do.

    1. Yes he was trying to shade my J.Cole with his weak azz but wouldn’t say his name he just mad because J.cole sold 300k in the first week and he sold 23k WOMP WOMP!!!

  3. That one tweet must have really hurt his feelings. It’s funny how celebs always talk about how much money they have when they don’t like what someone says about them. You still flopped.

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