Chris Brown Named as ‘Creative Director’ of ZING Vodka

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown has had plenty of bad news ever since he assaulted girlfriend at the time Rihanna on the night of the 2009 Grammys. Even now, Chris was recently charged with criminal hit and run and he’s again looking at prison time. But there’s finally some good news for Chris Brown. According to a new press release, the R&B singer has been named the Creative Director of ZING Vodka. The statement reads:

ZING Vodka is excited to announce its partnership with award-winning entertainer Chris Brown, naming him Creative Director for the premium liquor brand. The newly established partnership combines Brown’s innovative talents and influence on pop culture with the Maloof family’s longstanding history and success in the spirits business.

In the company’s first year of operation, it debuted in Las Vegas, followed by Los Angeles, and is now aggressively opening markets across the country reaching out as far as New York City. Chris Brown’s role at ZING Vodka as the Creative Director will include conceptualizing and directing creative assets, marketing campaigns, and consulting the evolution of the brand’s product line. In addition, Brown will serve as an active ambassador complementing the ongoing general marketing efforts of the company.

“My partners and I met up with Chris in Las Vegas last year and introduced him to ZING Vodka. He instantly reacted to the smooth qualities of the product, especially the aroma and taste of the Red Velvet, and creative packaging of the LED bottles,” explains Steve Ferraro, co-founder of Maloof Ventures. “The organic vibe from this initial meeting inspired everyone to explore a partnership that has resulted in Chris taking on the role of Creative Director which we are thrilled about.”

Congrats to Chris.


  1. Well good for him. A vodka endorsement is perfect for him because they won’t require him to have a squeaky clean image.

  2. Now this is what I like to hear. I hope he beats that hit and run charge too. I’m tired of him being in trouble.

    1. That groupie story? Yeah, ZING probably planted that story to get some buzz before releasing the statement. Gotta love publicists. LOL.

      1. SMH has a point though. I can’t think of many rappers/singers besides Jay-Z & Diddy successfully pushing liquor.

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