Eve Shades Nicki Minaj and the BET Awards?

Photo Credit: Instagram/ Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/ Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Are Eve and Nicki Minaj beefing? Eve is without a doubt one of the most talented women to ever touch the mic in the game of Hip Hop, but her disappearance from the scene has made it difficult for her to become a prominent force again in today’s music. Eve recently released another studio album, “Lip Lock” but the album didn’t bode too well commercially. And honestly, female rappers aren’t in the forefront like they used to be unless your name is Nicki Minaj. There’s no denying Nicki’s reign is nothing to brush off, and she’s accumulated quite a bit of success for a young woman who hasn’t even been a big star for 5 years. And it’s Nicki’s very blatant success that has been questioned by other female rappers, especially since Nicki hasn’t kept up with the tradition of joining the sisterhood and collaborating with other female emcees, something that was pretty much a norm in the 90s era of Hip Hop.

Last night, Nicki of course won the award yet again for Best Female Hip Hop Artist, and she beat out Eve and several others this year. However, Eve made her feelings known about the awards hours before the show took place in a retweet, and to most of Nicki’s fans, the retweet seems a lot like shade to the head barbie.

Check out the tweet below:

eve twitter


It didn’t take long for the “barbs” to crowd Eve’s mentions. And that’s because they felt the tweet was also a jab to the Grammy-less Nicki Minaj. Here’s a couple of the jabs:

Lmao wouldn’t have said that if she won tho

sis yu put out an album this year n still lost ..


  1. who else female wise killing it like nicki..she dominate the female rapping thing right now the same way beyonce got it locked down..she deserved the award…come better eve we kno u got it

  2. I honestly don’t think Eve is in any way bothered by a BET Award….especially when she was the FIRST female to EVER win that award. She has been there and done that, got a t-shirt. Eve is a FEMALE RAP VET in the game. Still one of the strongest females in the game. NOBODY can take that away from her. She has Grammies. Eve still got it, and we all know it. And besides, Eve already made herself clear when she said that she actually likes Nicki Minaj. The media wants these two to have beef soooo bad, and they’re mad because it’s not happening. Eve is not the beefing type, she ain’t got time for that. Eve is a peaceful person. She doesn’t like drama. She has made that clear many times over the years.

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