Jay-Z Takes Shots at Lil Wayne over Beyonce in New Song

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The Jay-Z and Lil Wayne beef continues. Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are two rappers many would suggest are on top of the rap game, however, they aren’t too fond of each other and they have made that clear in their most recent lyrics. Instead of letting things escalate into violence, both rappers seem to prefer to take subliminal digs at one another and it appears there’s no limits to what they will say to make the message clear. Considering Lil Wayne recently dissed Beyonce on wax, it’s no shocker Jay-Z clapped back in one of his new songs for his upcoming album Magna Carter Holy Grail. Vibe reports:

Jay-Z is out for blood on “La Familia,” the latest lyrics to be released via the rapper’s Samsung app. On the short, two-verse track, Hov addresses Roc Nation Sports being probed by the NFL, as well as an investigation by the FBI. His most controversial bars on the new song however, are seemingly aimed at Lil’ Wayne.

Back in 2011, Weezy spat a threat to kidnap Beyoncé on the track “It’s Good” on his Tha Carter IV album. Defending Birdman against Jay-Z’s “Baby money” line on Watch The Throne’s “H.A.M.,” Wayne fired back with: “Talkin’ ’bout baby money, I got your baby money/Kidnap your b*tch, Get that ‘how much you love your lady?’ money.”

Now, on “La Familia,” Jay-Z reveals that Lil Wayne’s threat did not go unnoticed. He jabs back with the lyrics “Wanna kidnap wifey/ Good luck with that bruh/ You must gonna hide your whole family/ What you think we wearing black for.”


Check out the full lyrics below:

jay-z la familia lyrics


  1. I usually hate but I can’t here regarding his marketing for his upcoming album. The camel is looking very smart with his promotions.

    1. Lil wayne can take on whoever just for the FACT! that he and whoever actually listens to him spit is better in allways. All ways!!

    1. Naw bro listen no opinion…. Wezzys lyrics and metaphors can’t be beat!! I’m not going to go farther than that wayne is the more we’ll rounded rapper n he will end up on top it comes easy to him jay has to think for a bit even though I have the up most respect for both rappers but wayne is it.

  2. That Lil Wayne line was wack and he should’ve been boycotted then. He promoted harming black women with that rhyme.

    1. Lil wayne doesn’t want it with jay!!! Did u really say that ?!?!? That’s the stupidest sh-t I’ve ever heard Wayne’s lyrics punch lines metaphors n flow is a notch higher than jays sh-t get over it and that’s not an opinion that’s a fact! And wayne never wants a women like Beyoncé okay there ain’t nothing wrong with that n-gga works to much to have a wifey like B that will tie him down like she’s done to jay!

  3. Both lines were kind of lame. Why rap about Inflicting harm to another man’s family especially when neither are thugs or bout that life?

  4. Bullsh-t is what most of you Commented!
    Wayne is super-fly high,Ridin high!
    You think jay-Z is good? Hahaha
    Then why did it motherf-cken take him 2years to respond to that beef/sh-t? Hahaha
    Jay-z is freak!/./Foolish/./ stupid!

    I don’t motherf-cken like him!

  5. lil wayne is good rapper more than jay z.and jay z who the hell you think you are ,course of your money or what by the way lil is better than in rap

  6. I repeat, weezy doesnt want it wit hov….talkin bout waiting 2 years to respond?? Jay is a grown a-s man he do wht he wants in his own tym. Dat weezy-sh-t must pull his skirt down dats y he busy cryin to retire coz he s done in rap industry….picasso baby

  7. Jigga is the better man in the whole situation, lil lame oh i mean wayne wasn’t even a good rapper back on the Nelly Country Grammer Album. Anyone can rap better then lil lame.

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