Gabrielle Union Says Her New Role in ‘Being Mary Jane’ is Better than ‘Scandal’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Gabrielle Union might no longer be a mean girl anymore, but she’s still staying busy in Hollywood with her new role on BET’s new show “Being Mary Jane.” The movie version came on last night and had everyone talking on social media, and the show version of the series is set to premiere in January. This is a pretty great time for black actresses considering more and more of them are getting great roles in big movies and nabbing the lead role in dramas on major networks. If anyone knows that best, it would have to be Kerry Washington, the actress behind “Olivia Pope” and one of the big reasons “Scandal” has become a bona fide hit for ABC. But what most people don’t know is Gabrielle Union actually auditioned for the part (as well as most black actresses), but in the end Kerry Washington was the actress who secured the role.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Gabrielle says she thinks her current role is better than Scandal, and despite what her critics think, she feels this role will prove she can take on a range of different roles.

On how the role will show she can have more range as an actress, Gabrielle says:

“If you loved me for one thing and may not have liked me in something else, this role gives the audience a chance to see that I can do more than one thing.”


Although Gabby has already expressed on numerous occasions that she feels Kerry’s breakout role is a great thing for all black actresses, she made it clear that not getting the lead role on “Scandal” worked out best for her because she got something even better:

“I didn’t get ‘Scandal,’ but I got something better — which is my own show. It’s all about building a legacy. This new opportunity is something I feel that can grow.”


  1. Actually, Scandal is Kerry’s own show too Gabby. She’s the LEAD character. But continue on with your low key hating.

    1. I watched her sit down on Oprah and she talked about moving past hating on other black actresses when they get roles she didn’t. However, this interview seems to only reinforce her “mean girl” behavior . I’ll be interested to see if she gets called out for this and how she responds.

  2. This is why I didn’t take the bish seriously when she said her mean girl days are over. She’s still a b-tch. She just hides it better now, so her naive fans won’t be able to catch on.

  3. Sigh…she annoys me. Why? Because she likes to insult people’s intelligence. She throws constant shade and always hides her hands. No wonder Phylicia Rashad kept giving her the side eye on Oprah’s Next Chapter. She could see through her BS.

  4. Dear God,

    Please put the following annoying celebrities on another planet:
    1) Kanye West
    2) Kim Kardashian
    3) GABRIELLE UNION (Nothing she will ever do, will be better than Scandal!!!! -Thanks)
    4) The entire cast of LHHA
    5) Rihanna (Ciara can do to to give Rih something to do)
    6) Chris Brown
    7) Lil Wayne (He can take all of Young Money)
    8) Mary J. Blige (she can come back when she takes a music business course)
    9) North West (she hasn’t done anything but Kimye will be happier with her)
    10) Amada Bynes (she can come back once she finds some good sense)

    Thanks God!

  5. The delusion is real. Kerry does have her own show and it’s on ABC. What channel is your show on again Gabby? Oh…

  6. She sounds really bitter. Gabby keeps talking about that Scandal role. I mean in every single interview. It makes me think she’s salty she didn’t get it and feels like she should have gotten it. But she didn’t deserve it. She doesn’t have the acting chops.

  7. The jealousy is so annoying. Why does she keep talking about Scandal? Get over it already. You didn’t get the role and you were never going to get it. Everyone knows you can’t act except you.

  8. Gabrielle Union plays the same exact role in everything part she gets. That’s why she didn’t get that role. And the movie wasn’t all that great. She needs to work on her craft.

  9. The shade is real. LOL.

    But let’s be real here. Gabby is still fuming about not getting the role. And now she’s slipped up and made that little secret known in this interview.

  10. We’ll see if she thinks her show is “better” than Scandal when it gets cancelled after the first season.

  11. This is why I don’t like Gabrielle Union. I don’t watch or support anything she is in. Everyone kept telling me how good Mary Jane was I just couldn’t support it because of her and this attitude.

  12. I don’t think she’s hating on Kerry or the role she lost out on. She’s saying that that door closed and that the one for Mary Jane opened. In other words, if she had gotten the Pope role she might have missed out on the chance to play Mary Jane. I know Scandal is all the rage but in just a couple of episodes I think Mary Jane is a much more complex character to play than Olivia Pope. In the long run she’s probably right. This role will stretch her more and extend her ability as an actress.

    For the record, I’ve tried to get into Scandal and just can’t get past the over glossy, network TV quality of it.

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