Miley Cyrus Says She Was Lil Kim in Past Life, Calls Nicki the New Lil Kim

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Miley Cyrus is not the little Disney Channel star that had all the little girls wishing they too could be Hannah Montana. The former actress and singer is now a grown woman, and like most stars who want so desperately to no longer be looked at as child stars, she’s drastically morphing into someone completely different in the public eye. Of course most of you have seen her twerk it out in YouTube videos, cut her hair, and even start hanging around some of rap’s biggest stars. But her new image has been the subject of lots of controversy. Even though Miley recently stated it’s not as deep as the critics are making it out to be and she’s not trying to be the”white Nicki Minaj,” the pop star is now raising some eyebrows because of some recent comments she made about Hip Hop’s own Lil Kim. She tells Billboard when naming her favorite female artists:

“In my past life, I feel like that was me, like Lil Kim is who I am, like, on the inside, and she just makes me happy listening to her music, and she is, like – I just love her.”


Of course she also showed Nicki Minaj some love, and says:

“You can’t just choose one. If you say Kim, then you have to say Nicki. And Nicki is now my Lil Kim, and the Lil Kim of my generation.”


Now of course Nicki and Lil Kim fans aren’t too thrilled about these comments, but Miley of course didn’t intend to relaunch the stan war and give her skeptics more ammunition considering they believe she’s trying to use the Hip Hop culture to make a comeback.


Check out the clip below:


  1. I’m getting so tired of Miley. I mean just stop it already, we get it, you want to be the white Rihanna. Go do that and stop talking so much.

  2. Where’s all those people that were going so hard for her on the last Miley post and calling all of us haters? This girl is annoying period.

  3. I honestly hate that when these pop stars fall off and want to make a comeback the first thing they do is look to Hip Hop and the styles of black music to resurrect their careers. And when black folks call them out about it, these house negroes get on here and stand on their soap boxes because they don’t want to hear the truth. I’m over this damn girl.

    1. “these house negroes get on here and stand on their soap boxes because they don’t want to hear the truth. ” > They’re not on here yet. Too busy licking barbecue sauce off their fingers. I won’t be doing that myself until about 5:30. LOL.

      Happy 4th yall!

  4. Ok. So now we know she’s not a real lover of Hip Hop. Because if she was, she would have known calling Nicki Minaj the Lil Kim of her generation was a huge slap in the face to Kim. #SatDownMiley

  5. I don’t understand why all of u are so negative. Can you not see anything positive in the fact that a wealthy, influential, open minded young person identifies on some level with our culture? No matter what your opinion is of her transformation, the girl is finding out who she is and what she likes… support or don’t. Lastly, I hope that if any of the negative commentators on here go through changes, life experiences, hills & valleys (which we all do), you all know people that are much more compassionate, open minded, positive and understanding than yourselves. Perhaps, you already know them. Pay attention.

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