Sneak Peek: Benzino Checks Kirk for Cheating on Rasheeda

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage is clearly not all it was cracked up to be on the last season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” because the couple went from renewing their vows and learning how to balance Rasheeda’s career and their marriage to demanding blood tests and ab*rtions on television. If you’ve been watching the second season so far like we have, then you’re probably appalled and shocked by Kirk Frost’s behavior. And if he couldn’t be anymore out of line, the last episode of the show, Kirk actually cheated on a pregnant Rasheeda. Of course Benzino was there front row to watch it all go down considering the scandal took place during their “boy’s retreat.” However, in the clip for the next episode, it appears Benzino decides to sit down with Kirk and remind him that he is still a married man, and what he did with Mary Jane wasn’t cool at all. Of course he does end up giving him props as only Benzino could, but Benzino seems to think Rasheeda didn’t give Kirk the kind of pass that meant she would be okay with him sleeping with other women.

On the upcoming episode, VH1 blogs:

“Last night was like…it wasn’t turned up, Kirk. You broke the knob,” Benzino tells his friend in this week’s sneak peek of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. We could make an obvious joke about the “knob” double entendre here but we won’t.

“I know he’s trying to figure s— out with Rasheeda, but like this? Nah,” Benzino continues. “This ain’t the way.” Seriously, when did this man become the voice of reason? Benzino wants to know if a night of pleasure and fun is worth throwing a fifteen-year relationship away…


Check out the clip below:


  1. Oh Lawd…I’m getting tired of this fake storyline. Is this what it’s come down to. The Kirk and Rasheeda show? Lawd…

  2. Between the new and fake question between Benzino and Kirk, and this annoying and unbelievable storyline, I’m kind of losing interest in this show. I hope they start focusing more on everyone else in the next episode. Right now I’m about tired of Kirk and Rasheeda.

    1. LOL basically. But it’s always been. But now it’s too obvious that things aren’t real. And I think it’s going to hurt the show.

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