Rihanna Drunk at Concert & Escorted out by Security?

Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram
Photo Credit: @badgalriri Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Was Rihanna drunk at concert in Poland? Although Rihanna has gained a boat load of fans throughout her career, the pop star has also managed to upset many people with her “bad girl” ways. And although Rihanna has made it clear she has no desire to be a role model, there are those who continue to express their anger over her antics. That won’t stop Rihanna from acting or doing as she pleases though. Rih has caught much flack for advertising her drinking and smoking habits on her Instagram account. And supposedly Rihanna got completely wasted and had to be escorted out of the Kings of Leon concert by venue security, PopCrush reports:

Either Rihanna can’t walk in those ridiculous print boots or she is totally drunk!

The ‘Stay’ singer was spotted stumbling around at the Kings of Leon concert in Poland on July 6. Judging by how she required assistance and was all sorts of wobbly on her feet, we don’t think it was the boots. Sorry, Ri!

She was allegedly on site to see Miguel and was then escorted out by venue by security since she downed too many libations. Talk about a walk of shame!

The site also claims Rihanna and her best friend Melissa Forde spent some time together at the beach before they went to the festival and assumes the two had been drinking the whole day as their time on the beach was captured on film with RiRi saying she feels “caged in like a f—ing animal.”

Peep the video below of a stumbling Rihanna getting escorted out of the concert:


  1. This girl needs to slow down. She’ll learn soon enough that she can’t drink her problems away.

  2. I had to run this back to really capture exactly how “gone” she was. And no, it wasn’t the boots. I won’t say too much, ’cause the libation angels know I’ve had my fair share of turntness, but never this bad tho! I’d like to see if and how this is justified.

    1. Furthermore, now that I think about it….. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has less to do with alcohol and more to do with another substance.

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