Evelyn Lozada Blames Daddy Issues for Getting into Abusive Relationship with Chad

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Evelyn Lozada talks about incident with Chad and gives more details about what happened. Evelyn Lozada and her BBW cast mates are gearing up for another season of the VH1 reality show. And though they claim the show is going to be much more positive this time around, Evelyn and Tami Roman still can’t seem to shake their violent images from last season.  Although people don’t believe she has changed her ways, Evelyn is trying to distance herself from her past and move forward from the rocky relationship she had with former NFL star Chad Johnson. Like most marriages, things started off on a positive note for Chad and Evelyn, but it didn’t take long for their union to crumble after Chad was arrested for headbutting Evelyn during an argument they were having. And judging by their beefs on Twitter, it didn’t look like Evelyn and Chad were going to work things out.  In another excerpt from her interview with Latina Magazine, Evelyn describes what took place on the night of the domestic violence dispute and says she knew then she could never go back to Chad:

“I had a skirt on, and I was using the bottom of it to wipe the blood off my face. I could hear Chad’s car because he was driving around looking for me and I hid behind that pillar and prayed. I remember praying to God, like, ‘If you help me get out of this situation, I will never, ever go back to that man.”‘

And Evelyn says she allowed herself to get into an abusive relationship because she has daddy issues and her own insecurities:

“I allowed him to treat me that way because I had daddy issues and insecurities and felt like I wasn’t worthy of having a good man. I had to look at that and say, ‘Do you not value yourself?’ I made a conscious decision to change.”


  1. I wish she would shut up already about this. No matter what she says, we still remember her grown a-s hopping on a table and throwing a bottle of wine at someone.

  2. Evilyn please stop this pity party that you want people to believe now that basketball wives is about to come on. GTFOH start taking responsibility for your own actions as a woman and stop blaming everyone else.

  3. You can tell the show is coming back on next month. Chad is Ev’s only talking point and I’m tired of hearing about it.

  4. LOL daddy issues? Really Evelyn? Truth is her pathetic azz saw dollar signs and a possible VH1 spinoff show.

  5. Oh please, my dad wasn’t around when I was younger and I don’t go around blaming him for my past failed relationships. You’re a grown woman, take responsibility for your own actions and decisions. That’s sad Evelyn.

  6. She sure knows how to find fame in a dull story. How did she end up on BBW anyway? Who was her BB husband… oh yeah I remember, another long drawn out boring story. UGH.

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