Wendy Williams Slams Rasheeda & Kirk for Faking Their Storyline, ATL People Spill the Tea

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rasheeda and Kirk faking their drama to stay on TV? Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have shocked us all and managed to become the stars of season two of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” Although the couple appeared to have it so together in the first season that they even renewed their vows, this season we’ve seen them become the kind of couple that invokes plenty of anger from viewers. Kirk has completely morphed from supportive and at times the way too patient husband to the sleazy guy who not only demands a blood test from his pregnant wife, but he also cheats and flirts with multiple women in hot tubs. On the last episode, Rasheeda finds out through Traci Steele about Kirk’s adulterous ways that went down during his “boy’s retreat” with Benzino. By the end of the episode, we see Rasheeda emotionally tossing all of Kirk’s clothes out of the house.

Interestingly enough, there have been some whispers going around in the industry circles that Kirk and Rasheeda’s “storyline” is purely manufactured. We’re assuming Wendy must have heard the talk too because she slammed both Rasheeda and Kirk on her show the other day and called them out for faking their drama this season. Wendy says:

“First of all Rasheeda you and Kirk are real ratchet for drumming up this storyline right here. ‘Cause you know what you were doing ’cause Stevie and my Puerto Rican Princess Joseline were the popular couple. And you and your husband or whatever you want to call that animal, you all did this as a plot to get popular on this show. It’s a shame what people will do to stay on this reality TV. This is worse than the Kardashians.”


And if that wasn’t bad enough, Wendy goes on to tell whole cast of LHHATL they aren’t good enough to come on her show and she feels guilty for watching the show so faithfully on Monday nights, of course she does eventually extend one invite only to her favorite Joseline Hernandez:

“None of you all call. I don’t want you to come on the show. It’s just that I watch but you’re not suitable guests for the show except for you my Puerto Rican Princess Joseline. But I can’t really understand what she says, so we’ll do the closed captioning.”



Here’s where things get even more scandalous though. Apparently the people in Atlanta are getting infuriated by Rasheeda and Kirk’s behavior on TV. Why? Well according to those in the know and social circles in Atlanta, Rasheeda and Kirk are very much still together and not having the issues they portray on television. Allegedly the couple has been spotted around Atlanta together all the time looking happy, and someone even told us they saw them looking at cars together. If you’re telling TMZ your marriage is done, we’re wondering why you would go to a dealership and look at cars together. Regardless, it was this particular email that really made us raise an eyebrow:

Kirk and Rasheeda are faking. If you need any proof of this, take a close look at who Kirk is “cheating” with. Mary Jane is not a stranger to Kirk and Rasheeda. She’s actually in their inner circle because she was one of the stars of Memphitz’s reality show “Real Mistresses of Atlanta.” The show didn’t get picked up because none of the major networks wanted anything to do with it. Don’t forget Memphitz is Toya Wright’s hubby and Toya and Memphitz are in on it too. Rasheeda and Kirk were almost fired from that show, but they had a meeting with Mona and promised they would “let loose” a little more for the cameras. People don’t understand that despite what Rasheeda says, they are broke! They need the VH1 money! They came up with this fake storyline and called on Toya and Memphitz to put all the pieces together. Mary Jane was perfect because she’s still not very well known, and she’ll do anything for money. She doesn’t care what people think of her either.

And for the record, Kirk is a good husband. These two really do love each other and he would never do the things he’s doing on the show in real life. But money problems made them feel like they had to do whatever they had to do to stay on the show.



Of course we can’t confirm any of this and it’s just gossip for now, but apparently more and more people are starting to think Kirk and Rasheeda’s drama is just for the cameras. And if it is, well let’s just say their little plan worked. Not only are Kirk and Rasheeda getting more camera time, they are the most talked about people on LHHATL as of now. And as far as the ratings go, they have increased significantly since their drama became the focal point of the second season.

But who do you believe? Are Kirk and Rasheeda really having marital problems or is Wendy and our source spot on with their claims?


  1. Shout out Wendy and this source for pointing out the extremely obvious. Even stevie wonder can see Kirk & Rasheeda are faking for TV.

  2. Of course they are faking! And they aren’t the only ones I’m sure. LHH is a ghetto and poorly acted soap opera for black people.

    1. Wendy’s ratings are good and her audience is also Mona’s target audience. Why wouldn’t she want to send her cast there? What other television talk show is checking for them? Press is press and Wendy’s show would have been a good fit for them.

      We all know that Wendy will back off of this if the show’s popularity continues or increases, but it’s still funny that she even said it to begin with.

  3. I figured this. I mean let’s think about this for a minute. How does Kirk’s spineless behind go from getting embarrassed by his wife season one to having hoes on the side season 2? LOL.

  4. I was just waiting for someone to finally expose these two. I understand they need the money but seriously, is it worth embarrassing your own spouse on Tv and making yourself look like a terrible person? I don’t think so.

  5. Just to add, ole girl had PLENTY of photos of her cheesing up and smiling with Rasheeda and Toya on Instagram. She deleted them not too long ago when people started putting two and two together.

  6. They have kids and the sad thing is the kids will grow up and see how desperate their parents were to stay on a trashy reality show. Sad.

  7. Mona is a real life pimp. The money can’t be that good that people are wiling to sell their souls. And in my opinion, the show isn’t even all that good this season. I’m tired of Rasheeda and Kirk and everyone else is boring this season too.

  8. Kirk and Rasheeda ought to be ashamed of themselves. They need to use the VH1 money and start a business and get their self respect back. Just pathetic.

  9. This show didn’t just start faking story lines. It’s been fake since the beginning. I don’t understand why people seem so shocked by their fake story when Stevie went to counseling with his girlfriend and his jumpoff! Who does that really??? Come on it’s all scripted!

    1. Thank you! I’m not understanding why people are just NOW seeing that the show is fake. Newsflash: ALL REALITY TV SHOWS ARE FAKE. Everyone who watches reality TV knows that it isn’t real, but who cares? And if you’re so concerned with how un-real it is, why in the world do you still watch it? I really don’t get it.

  10. They definitely have problems what marriage doesn’t but yes staged at some point, he need rashida who else is he gon manage? She is making him the money he’s complaining about. So knowingly cheating on camera knowing it will get to her is not a good idea when she is the bread winner. Any man know you dont mess up the hand thats feeding you

  11. When I first saw the first season of LHHA, I fell in love. My favorite was Joseline because of her realness. I thought Rasheeda was very beautiful, but she turned me off when she tried to tell K. Michelle that she didn’t think Memphitz did those things because they are her friends ands she has not seen him act like that. This season on LHHA it seems like everything has turned. Joseline doesn’t seem humble like she was, Mimi is acting like she hard, Kirk is disrespecting his wife, and Tracy is going after her child’s father “popcorn” girls. Now to the Rasheeda and Kirk storyline; this is just pitiful. How does a man go from being one way on the first season to another one that we barely recognize. He is disrespecting his PREGNANT wife at every turn and disrespecting his vows. When I first saw Kirk start to act out, I was in pure shock and honestly this story line has been unbelievable to me, I am not saying that this couldn’t happen, but I am saying from what they showed us in their relationship in season one this has taken a nasty turn. When I watched the episode this past Monday when Rasheeda found out that Kirk had cheated on her, I was embarrassed for her. It was just sad. I could barely watch. I don’t know if they were re-enacting the scene over or what, but it seemed like Kirk was smirking and Rasheeda was kind of emotionless. I have heard that sometimes when drama happens off the camera on a reality show that sometimes the people on that show who were involved in the drama are asked to re-enact what happened over.I think if I was Rasheeda and this truly happened to me, I would have told the cameraman look I am to embarrassed to film today, come back tomorrow and my fist probably would have met Kirks’ face. The whole thing between those two are just embarrassing and if they are making this up’ wow it’s so sad. The other thing is Mimi and Rasheeda are quick to throw it up in K. Michelle’s face that she doesn’t have a man or that she will never be married, but if she has to be disrespected, used, and abused just to say she has a man, I think she is good. Way better than those two are doing right now in that department.

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