Is DMX Engaged?

Photo Credit: @dmx Instagram
Photo Credit: @dmx Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

DMX new fiance revealed? DMX came into the rap game as one of the rawest lyricists of the Ruff Ryders crew and gained a lot of praise from Hip-Hop heads over his gritty flow. However, over the years, his personal struggles have taken a huge toll on his career and his relationship with several of his family members. And that was made clear during his controversial appearance on “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” Though DMX felt Iyanla did nothing for him in terms of fixing his life but rather made his image look even worse, his son Xavier Simmons got a chance to get a few things off his chest to his father and called DMX out for pulling the victim card all the time. As his relationship with his son continues to be a non-existent one according to Xavier, his past marriage to Tashera Simmons has crumbled as well. Although his first marriage didn’t end well, DMX looks to be headed down the aisle again as the rapper is now engaged again, AllHipHop reports:

DMX’s personal life as of late, has been hard to watch. You know, the stuff with his son Xavier, his ex-wife and the reality shows, but things seem to be looking up for the Dark Man X. He’s got a new fiancee and seems to be very happy in his life.

Check out the photos obtained by AHH of DMX cuddled up with his new fiancee and her showing off her engagement ring:

dmx new fiance 1

dmx new fiance 2

dmx new fiance 3

dmx new fiance 4

dmx new fiance 5

Congrats to DMX and his fiancee on their engagement.





    1. Exactly!!!! DMX has time to get engaged but can’t work on his relationship with his son. This disgust me I see why his no good azz don’t ever prosper.

  1. I don’t think he needs to be thinking about marriage right now. He needs to get off drugs before he can attempt to be a decent husband this time around.

  2. Marriage is a beautiful thing but he has way too many issues with drugs and his other kids to be getting married again right now. IJS.

  3. Not smart. He’s on drugs again and not even on good terms with his son and the other kids with his first wife. Some women are so desperate to get married that they don’t think things through.

  4. This chick is stupid. And where did X’s druggie a-s get the money from to even get her a ring? Ugh.

  5. Sigh…I would not marry DMX. I don’t know if this woman is looking for some fame, a come up, etc. but he’s not in the right mental state for a marriage.

  6. X has a lot of f-cking money for someone who has been getting sued, going to jail and paying fines and lawyers off you see that ring? Haha them movies, tours & album sales did him right!

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