Rihanna’s Fans Toss Food At Her During Performance for Being Late

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna angers fans by being late to a concert again and they retaliate with potato chips? Rihanna has some of the most loyal fans in the world, but it appears even “The Navy” might have a breaking point. The pop star has been busy currently traveling the world and performing for her legions of fans on her “Diamonds” world tour. Despite having millions of adoring fans who have supported her through just about everything, it seems as if some of are getting quite annoyed by Rihanna’s continued tardiness to her own shows. According to numerous reports, Rihanna has been hours late consistently during the majority of her tour. While many of Rihanna’s fans have just come to accept the singer may not start her show on time, some are lashing out and making it clear they are not happy about it. Some are using social media to make their disappointment clear, others are using food to make a statement. During Rihanna’s recent performance in Manchester, England some of her own fans began to throw potato chips at her during her performance because they were so annoyed by her late start. Star Pulse reports:

On Tuesday night, concertgoers angered Rihanna after throwing food at her on stage. The pop star was playing a gig in Manchester, England, during her “Diamonds” world tour and was forced to stop after fans started pelting her with snack foods.

The singer lashed out at the audience: “This is next level, there is a good crazy and there is a bad crazy, but when you throw s**t up here, that’s an epic fail. I swear to God, cut that s**t out.

She added, “Really? Chips? Chips, though – it’s that important? Ok Manchester, for those of you who want to (get) jiggy and have a good f**king time, say my name!”


Check out the video of Rihanna cursing the chip launcher out below:


  1. Time for Rihanna to get the message and start showing up on time. A lot of singers would kill to have as many fans as she does and she can’t even be professional by being on time. Makes no sense.

  2. Bhahahaha that’s what Rihanna disrespectful azz get. People spend they hard earned money to come see her and she treat them like ish. Sorry but this heffa had it coming.

  3. Let’s also not forget she was late to another show a few days ago and her own fans chanted for Beyonce. now ask yourself…who’s the KANG?

    1. King of what? The most delusional fans I’ve ever seen? In that case, I agree yes she is the “Kang.”

  4. Honestly, I’d throw the whole bag of chips as late as this girl is for EVERY damn show. What is her problem anyway?

  5. That’s her warning. Your fans make you and they can without a doubt break you too. She needs to get it together.

  6. Well this is the same bish that hit her own fan in the face with a microphone. I’d say this is just them making things even.

  7. Has anyone else noticed where the Rihanna stans are in this post they usually be all up in through posts that aren’t even Rihanna related. Huh ashamed I guess lol

  8. I like Rhi Rhi but this Diva lateness has to stop. Just like someone can become your fan, they can quickly stop being your fan. She is gonna make Ciara win by default lol. Rhi Rhi respect the people keeping you on top of your game.

  9. This is hilarious…it’s about time she learns to respect the only thing keeping her relevant…she isn’t even talented enough where she should expect unconditional loyalty from her fans. They want to see you PRETEND to dance and PRETEND to sing on time Rih

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