Beyonce Vows to Fight for Justice for Trayvon Martin, Urges Fans to Get Involved

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Taren Vaughan

The Beyonce Trayvon Martin support continues as the singer is urging fans to sign a petition. Beyonce is a very busy lady at the moment as she is currently in the midst of her world tour and gearing up to drop her fifth studio album. Although it’s clear Beyonce has a true passion for music and performing, she is in tune with what is going in our society, especially the events that have a direct impact on the Black community. The superstar singer held a moment of silence during one of her recent shows to pay tribute to Trayvon Martin and sang part of the classic song “I Will Always Love You” after hearing about the trial verdict. And she isn’t stopping there with her involvement in the fight for change and justice. Very much like her husband Jay Z, Beyonce rarely tweets but due to her strong feelings about the Trayvon Martin case, she came off her hiatus with a tweet urging her fans to sign’s petition demanding that the federal government open a civil rights case against George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin:

beyonce trayvon martin support petition tweet

Beyonce also posted a message to them on her website.

The message on Beyonce’s website reads:

We are still struggling with the issue of inequality and the lack of value for a black man’s life. Trayvon Martin’s most basic civil right, the right to live, was violated.

We have made so much progress and cannot allow hatred and racism to divide us. When we all join together, people of all races, we have the power to change the world we live in.

We must fight for Trayvon the same way the generation before us fought for Emmett Till.

I joined over 570,000 people in signing the petition below and hopefully you will, too.


In related news, Beyonce and Jay-Z also showed their support at a rally in Trayvon’s memory earlier in New York:

beyonce jay z trayvon martin mom


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