Rihanna Angers Hotel Guests & Causes Some of Them to Leave with Partying Ways?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rihanna angers hotel guests? Rihanna is still on her Diamonds World Tour, and although the singer’s fans are a very loyal bunch, she’s managed to anger some of them by showing up late to her own performances repeatedly. In fact, the singer made some fans so upset with her most recent tardiness that they decided to throw potato chips at her during her performance, and some have even taken to Twitter to slam Rihanna for possibly partying a little too much when she’s showing up hours late to her own concert. Regardless, Rihanna isn’t one to let people’s opinions of her get to her and she has shown no signs of cutting down on the partying either. Interestingly enough, a new report says her partying has been allegedly quite annoying to hotel guests during her stay in London, and allegedly it even caused some guests to leave the hotel all together in hopes to get far away from Rihanna and her entourage. omg! UK reports:

Rihanna is definitely known for her partying ways and the singer has now reportedly angered fellow guests at London’s fancy 45 Park Lane hotel with her “late night partying”, with guests even allegedly leaving because of the star’s ways.

RiRi angered guests recently after appearing on stage in Manchester an hour late, before she was then “pelted with chips” when she finally did arrive.

And it seems like the babe’s behaviour just contines to get her in trouble, with sources now saying that she’s been annoying her fellow hotel guests in London.

A source tells the Daily Star: “Rihanna or someone in her team set the smoke alarm off three times in her room so far.”

“Other guests have complained about her playing loud music and partying.”


In related news, Rihanna recently broke down in tears during her France concert as she thanked her fans for their continued support. The singer says through tears:

“I love all you guys, thank you so much. I can’t believe this s**t. Y’all make me so happy, this is everything that matters to me. And to stand here and feel the love in this room throughout this entire tour… It’s coming to the end of the tour and it’s sad. I hate saying goodbye. You guys showed me so much love in this room tonight.

“I don’t know why the f**k, I’m crying, that’s crazy, thank you so much. I love you guys its a Diamonds World tour so you know we can’t leave yet.”


Rihanna also elaborated more on Instagram writing to a fan:

It’s all your fault! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! I felt you! You help me to understand how a fan really thinks! The way you guys appreciate it all, it kills me I can’t believe how much you guys really love me! You care so much, its overwhelming and yet so beautiful!


Dope. Check out the video below:


  1. Oh please. I don’t buy that she appreciates her fans at all. She’s lazy and classless at her own concerts. The music industry has gone to hell.

  2. I doubt that she remembers anything that happen during this tour….someone will have to tell her about it when she sobers up.

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