Tameka Raymond Clears up Reports of Her Spilling Tea on Usher on Reality Show

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tameka Raymond is of course known for being the ex-wife of R&B singer Usher Raymond, and as we all know, the former’s couple split was a very nasty one. Not only did Tameka not have the best relationship with Usher’s mom, but she also had a terrible bout of drama with Usher in the end over the custody of their two sons. Although Usher was awarded primary custody of their two boys, but all of that might be reversed considering the judge stepped down after being investigated for shady practices.

Reports suggested several weeks ago that Tameka would be making her debut to reality television in the spinoff to “Hollywood Exes” in the city of Atlanta, and although that itself didn’t seem too scandalous as the VH1 show primarily shows exes of famous men just trying to move on with their lives as classy as possible; a new report from Radar Online via Star Magazine claimed Tameka Raymond and the ex of Ceelo Green planned to spill tea on their exes and get revenge for the rocky breakups:

The two men are not keen on the idea and an insider told the magazine that Cee Lo “joked that his ex may spill some of his dirty secrets” while Usher is genuinely concerned about the concept.

“Usher and Tameka don’t get along, and he knows she’ll be happy to talk about his personal life so that she can become the star of the show,” the source said.

“Usher’s concerned because she’s still bitter. Tameka is having financial problems and feels like this could be her meal ticket.”


While Tameka didn’t deny securing a spot on the rumored spinoff, she did take to her Twitter account to claim she has no plans to spill any tea because that’s not her style. She tweets:

tameka raymond reality show


  1. I don’t understand this… get your shine on your own merit. I don’t get how people even support this nonsense. How can it even be justified that someone becomes a star based on their ‘former’ proximity to another person’s stardom? It’s crazy. These cats work hard to create something from nothing then they get married or have a child and automatically the mother of the child or the ex wife is given a platform based on the merit of another man and ONLY because they have something negative or private to say about that person? That’s insanity to me. Start your own company, create your own thing, become a star yourself. Do something, anything aside from dragging someone down who did what you were unable or unwilling to do in your own life. I don’t blame these men for trying to gag them. How dare you? smh…

    1. You’re entitled to your opinion, but you never know what these women go thru when being with these men or how these women too have worked hard to support and stand beside these men BEFORE and after they became celebrities, so you cannot say that. Many of these women do have their own businesses or their own hustles. These women may have married celebrities but they are all still people who go thru things and have stories to tell as well, so why is it that the average woman can tell her story but becuz these women were married to famous men, they can’t or shouldn’t be allowed to and if they do, they are looked down upon???????

  2. Hey. I dont care what no one says!!! Those kids need their mother bottom line!! she birthed them they came from her womb and im pretty sure shes a good mother!!! She looks nice neat and clean!!! Usher be a good dad ya squash that as adults be good parents and yall raise those boys!!! God says to be good to one another!!! Neither one of yall are bad people just be good to each other for the sake of those children!!!! Tameka hun love Ursh be nice and Ursher give that woman a fair chance to be mommy!!! Cause i know at heart u feel it in your heart that they want her!!! I love u guys both!!! Be good to each other!! And again all the woman wants to do is be a mom!!! May god bless it!! The money shouldnt even matter as long as those babies are happy!!!

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