Sneak Peek: Evelyn Lozada Breaks Down over Chad Johnson

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Evelyn Lozada cries over Chad on season opener of “Basketball Wives?” Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson only spent a short amount of time as husband and wife as the reality TV star and former NFL player got into a heated exchange that left Evelyn with a nasty gash on her forehead after Chad headbutted her. Since the domestic dispute took place, Evelyn and Chad have sent out mixed signals about the status of their relationship but have assured people their romance is a thing of the past. Evelyn has continued to reveal more about the night with Chad and says she feels as though the issues she has with her father led her to getting into an abusive relationship. The demise of her marriage to Chad was emotionally draining for Evelyn as she also had to deal with the passing of her brother-in-law around the same time. In a clip from the season 5 premiere episode, Evelyn engages in an emotional sit down with her mother about what it was like to lose her husband and brother-in-law all at once. And Evelyn says she feels like she lost two of her best friends:

“I feel like we both lost both of our husbands. It sucks. It’s like the timing is crazy…It’s like two of my best friends just gone, which feels f–cked up. You know?”

Evelyn then breaks down crying and questions why things have happened the way they did in her life:

“Why is this happening to my life? Like that’s my brother and then he like dies right after the incident with me and Chad … Words can’t even explain how dark I felt. Like, this can’t be my life.”

Peep the clip below:


  1. So she says she had every right to get mad about finding the condoms in his car but didn’t she say on the show that he could cheat as long as he wore protection? Don’t tell a man he can cheat and then get mad when he actually does it.

  2. Even after I see this clip I still have 0 sympathy for Evil-lyn. Always the victim never takes responsibility for her own actions. She needs to realize bad things happen to her for a reason because she is a bad person and this is pure KARMA for her. GTFOH she getting everything she deserved.

  3. LOL! I guess I was suppose to tear up over this? I giggled. Evelyn is going to drag this story for as long as her pathetic a-s can. Over her.

  4. She needs to thank Chad for giving her a storyline. She doesn’t have any victims to pick on this season so I guess it all worked out. :-/

  5. Just cancel this sh-t already. None of them are wives, they aren’t talented, they act like catty teenage girls, and it’s not interesting anymore.

  6. No sympathy over here Evelyn. You were the same woman person jumping up on tables and throwing wine bottles.

  7. Ugh no. Can’t take her seriously. She married Chad for the money and she’s crying now for the attention.

  8. I’m cool with being in the minority when I say this, but a victim’s unrelated past should never be used to justify violence against them. Just sayin’. Unless she jumped over a table on Chad, she didn’t deserve to be headbutted. He has taken 100% responsibility for the incident, which I commend him for especially since so many were looking to give him a pass based on her antics on the show. He could have easily hopped on that train and had plenty of public support, but he didn’t, which tells me two things– 1.) He’s a decent human being and 2.) He really was at total fault. As for rehashing it during the season, it was big news when it happened. VH1 is an entertainment outlet and I’d have to fine them for stupidity if the show’s creators didn’t try to capitalize on the story. I’d also think something was extremely suspect if it was never mentioned or if she didn’t have an emotional reaction when it was mentioned.

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