Jay Z Blasts Harry Belafonte for Bringing Beyonce into ‘Feud’

Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr
Photo Credit: Beyonce/Tumblr

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper and business man Jay Z has made quite a name for himself in Hip Hop and making lucrative business deals, but the “Magna Carta Holy Grail” rapper still finds himself as a favorite target for criticism. When he’s not being blamed for accused murder and former NFL star Aaron Hernandez’s alleged ties to violence, he’s also being singled out for being a devil worshipper and not doing enough for the black community. In fact, legendary actor and activist Harry Belafonte recently called out Jay Z and his superstar wife Beyonce for what he feels is a lack of social responsibility, and Jay Z has made it clear he doesn’t appreciate Belafonte calling him out in such a public manner. Jay Z also revealed he feels his presence alone is charity because he inspires little black boys in the hood to overcome their obstacles and become great, but in a recent interview with Bill Maher, he also admits he really took issue with the fact Belafonte brought Beyonce into the criticism. He says:

“I didn’t think it was the correct venue [to speak out against me]. If it was something, a real problem, you know I’m not very difficult to find, especially someone of that stature. He can reach out to me and we can have a conversation and we’ll do some good together. But you know, I just thought that sort of was a bit grandstanding to me and I didn’t appreciate that especially dragging my wife into it, that was a bit of a low blow.”


Jay Z also spoke a little on the backlash he received for saying that like President Obama, his presence alone is “charity”:

“If you have the audacity to compare yourself to any of the greats that came before you, if you say, ‘Just like Obama I’m this, or I’m like Picasso,’ it’s almost like blasphemous for you to say. What are we doing this for? You want to be known as the great. You want to be known as the greatest of all time. That’s never going to happen if you don’t see yourself first.”



Harry Belafonte recently claimed he didn’t mean to offend the famous couple and would love to have a sit down conversation on the matter.

In related news, Jay Z may not be generous enough to the community according to his critics, but reports suggest he’s pretty generous to his employees. The Star is reporting Jigga gave all of his employees  (from low level to high level) a $50k bonus.


  1. A simple phone call would have sufficed. Both Jay Z and Belafonte need to stop talking about this to the press. It looks bad for them to be going back and forth. But I fault Belafonte more for starting it because he’s supposed to be the wiser of the two.

  2. Riding with Jay on this one still! Sorry, tired of older blacks talking down to younger blacks like it’s productive!

  3. I have no problem with any man sticking up for his wife and that’s all Jay is doing. I agree w/ Jay Harry should have reached out and talked to Jay my dad told me Harry Belafonte has done so much for African Americans he should sit down and share some wisdom with Jay. Also I need to fill out an Roc Nation application quick lol! 50K bonus I’m at the wrong job lol.

    1. Former drug dealer? He’s also a business man, successful rapper, sports agent and multimillionaire, oh and husband and father. People like you like to only speak on his negatives because you feel it justifies your hate. Sorry, it doesn’t. Get some business and deal with your sense of inferiority. Someone else’s success shouldn’t make you so angry.

    2. But what have you accomplished in life? I’m sure it’s not nearly as much as Jay Z. Give the man his props for going from drug dealer to entrepreneur/husband/father. He wasn’t supposed to make it this far. You people get mad at the wrong things.

  4. Harry was wrong period. You can’t show young people the way if you’re so busy tearing them down in the media. Be a teacher, not a critic Harry.

  5. But why does anyone feel they have a right to tell someone what to do with their money and how to serve? That’s no one’s place. Old people aren’t the only people who deserve respect.

  6. Harry needs to understand not everyone wants to be an activist, and yes we all have a right to make that choice. He’s only acting up because he thought criticizing them would make them join his non profit organization. That’s a crooked way to get support for your cause.

  7. Black people have no right or place to criticize each other in public. It’s every journalist’s dream for successful blacks to hate each other. It keeps the black community weak and we have to stop taking the bait.

  8. This is why you call people when you have an issue with them.

    Anyway, reading about that bonus he gave his people shows he’s not the monster people wish he was. #shrugs

  9. I think that Jay-Z is taking this entirely too far. Let it die down. Find out exactly what Harry said and in what context. He never mentioned Jay-Z or Beyonce, the reporter that he was talking to mentioned specific names. Mr. Belafonte was referring to this generation of celebrities in general.

    I sincerely hope that they can speak privately and come to a deeper understanding because I believe that they can each teach one another if they have the heart to learn.

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