Royce Reed Calls out Dwight Howard & His Girlfriend on Twitter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The Royce Reed and Dwight Howard son drama continues. The custody battle drama going down between NBA star Dwight Howard and Royce Reed continues to be a nasty one. Royce wasn’t able to dish on her drama with Dwight like she probably wanted to during her time on “Basketball Wives,” but she has surely found other ways to speak her mind and get her point across as she doesn’t have a problem with share her feelings about it to the world on her social media accounts. The former couple share a son together and according to Royce, Dwight spends very little time with Braylon. Royce blasted Dwight again not too long ago and confirmed the pro baller and his girlfriend Christine Vest welcomed a baby boy, which was supposedly a piece of news Dwight was trying to keep under wraps.

Despite Royce’s claim to be happy for Dwight and Christine on their new baby, Royce and Dwight still appear to be on bad terms as it has been reported that Dwight took their soon and won’t tell Royce where he is located. Royce claims she has been trying to reach Dwight by phone and email but he hasn’t responded to her and that Braylon is without his medication. Getting fed up with being ignored, Royce hopped on Twitter and tweeted Dwight, asking him to allow her to speak to their son. And while she was at it, Royce decided to tweet Dwight’s girlfriend Christine too and looks to be questioning her Christianity (Read from bottom to top):

royce reed and dwight howard son drama continues

For the sake of Royce and Dwight’s son, we hope this situation is resolved very soon.


  1. Shout out to the people who were on here swearing up and down Dwight is such a good person. *rolls eyes*

  2. Christine better pay close attention because next time she’ll be the one in Royce’s shoes. Dwight has a terrible track record.

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