New LHH Beef? Erica Mena Takes Shots at K. Michelle

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

An Erica Mena Twitter beef with K Michelle brewing? Erica Mena is known to pop off on people with the quickness as she came to blows with ex cast mate Kimbella during her very first season on “Love & Hip Hop.” And with all the relationship drama she had going with Rich Dollaz and her unwillingness to hold her tongue, Erica kept finding herself locked into beefs with some of her other cast mates. Some would say that’s one thing she and K. Michelle have in common. K. has squashed her ongoing beefs with her former cast mates though and is looking to move in a more positive direction. But it looks like K. and Erica Mena are going to bump heads. Being the firecracker that she is, Erica doesn’t hold back her thoughts about anybody, including K. Michelle. K. Michelle confirmed she was moving on from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” but would be getting her own show too. Erica was asked by one of her followers if K. Michelle was joining “Love & Hip Hop” and she goes on to claim K. is headed to NY because she got chased out of Atlanta:

erica mena twitter beef with k michelle brewing 1

Rashidah Ali found humor in Erica’s words as Erica continued to go in on K. and says all she did was talk about her and Rashidah during the first time she shot for LHHNY. And Erica says K. is nothing but talk (Read from bottom to top):


erica mena twitter beef with k michelle brewing 4

erica mena twitter beef with k michelle brewing 3

erica mena twitter beef with k michelle brewing 2

K. Michelle had a response for Erica and her comments as she fired some shots of her own at her new cast mate. K. reiterated the fact that she will only be appearing on “Love & Hip Hop” to promote her new show. And K. says she won’t be beefing with anyone on the show because she is done giving other people’s story lines life. K. Michelle also claims she is the highest paid person on the show and says she doesn’t have time to beef with Erica because she isn’t on her level (Read from bottom to top):

erica mena twitter beef with k michelle brewing 9

erica mena twitter beef with k michelle brewing 8

erica mena twitter beef with k michelle brewing 7


  1. Erica is thirsty for that camera time. She doesn’t have a fake relationship to film for this season, so I guess she is looking for a new beef. She’s beyond pathetic to me.

  2. Erica is trying to secure that camera time. Too bad K. Michelle knew better than to entertain her thirty a-s.

  3. I guess Erica needs a new story line since she is no longer screwing Rich. Kmichelle just ethered Erica without even trying talking about her struggle salary bhahahaha!!!!!!

  4. K. Michelle doesn’t need the show anymore and still got her own show out of the deal. A record deal too. She’s winning, Erica is still basic.

  5. LOL at Erica claiming people use her for storylines when she screwed Rich for hers last season. Girl goodbye.

  6. Why does Erica have fans and people cosigning her basicness (yeah I made up a word)? I’m confused.

  7. I won’t be watching anymore of these seasons, but I will say that I’m extremely proud of K. Michelle in this moment….. Hope she keeps it up.

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