Erica Mena Blasts MTV Ahead of Special Being Aired About Her Calling Spice a Monkey

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Erica Mena was fired for calling Spice a monkey on LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” fans have a lot to say about the current season. While there has been plenty of drama involving all of the cast members, one topic in particular has caused more of a stir on social media. As we reported, Erica Mena and Spice had a very nasty fallout. Spice believed some of the things Safaree Samuels told her about Erica. So the conversation was doomed from the beginning. However, no one expected that Erica would end up calling Spice a “blue monkey” once the gloves were off. She has since apologized for her language. But that did not stop MTV from parting ways with the reality star. It was said she will not be on the upcoming season of LHHATL.

When Erica issued a public statement about the situation, she denied that her words were used in a racist way. But she now understood that what she said was offensive. And she planned to do better moving forward. Interestingly enough, some of her supporters said Spice should have apologized for telling Erica that her son hates her. In response, Erica said that Spice would never have the guts to apologize for what she said that day.

Well, Spice wasn’t the only person offended by Erica’s choice of words. Kirk Frost and some of the other cast members said Erica was out of line. In fact, they will have a roundtable discussion about Erica’s words on an upcoming special that will show after the season finale.

Erica Mena called out the network.

Earlier today, Erica shared her thoughts about the special on Instagram Story. She posted a photo of her filming for a green screen interview.

Erica wrote, “Working on @loveandhiphop August 25th, 2023, 3 days after August 29th they aired that episode proudly. I was even being asked to shoot a scene that Monday, August 28th, 2023.”

She said a lot more on the show’s IG page.

Erica typed, “I think it’s absolutely fair that I speak under this post. Especially because I was indeed filming nonstop for seven months after the actual incident between me and that other individual happened. The network chose to still film with me nonstop which is why I was used as the base storyline for the whole second half of this actual season. They had this footage for months. They chose to edit it how they wanted and aired it. It’s only now they are desperate trying to save face and using me to do so.”

She continued, “If I’m being used to set an example why was I not a part of this “round table ” discussion? Why are they so desperate to film nonstop right now to make up for everything I shot that they can’t use now? Desperate to save face but true and the only reason a statement was even made by the network was because of the backlash. Not because they truly believed what I said was a racial slur.”

Erica Mena is grateful for her supporters.

Yandy Smith was brought up.

“The fact that they’re now making a mockery of the situation by using individuals who have indeed said things just as bad. Messy Yandy herself in 2015 at Hot 97 on air called me “an *** monkey” – to try and save face for this network’s sponsors is pathetic. If you really wanted to save face why not have the two women who are just as wrong in that scene have this conversation since now this network feels it needs to be had?”

She also thanked her supporters.

“I gave this franchise 13 plus years and now they need to save face so they are gonna wear my
name out on this to make up for their F$&k up. The sad truth in all of this – this franchise has always depicted us as zoo animals anyway. Sending so much love to my supporters.”


  1. This whole thing has been taken out of context..
    She doesn’t deserve to be fired for her comments..
    Simply because they call each other worse than monkey. B-tches Sl-ts Wh-res Ect. She is a broken woman and she has been broken for years…
    They have to make it make sense…What’s Racist About A Blue Monkey? Nothing. Saying that she should have died was out of line but everything else is out of context

    1. What u just said don’t make no sense sorry but not sorry u telling us she should get away with that and it’s not a racial slur let me educate u blue monkey or black monkey is a racial slur look it up we as African Americans had been called that since back when slaver days was going on so please understand that it’s not right to call an African American that or any black person that just because u have friends who a black or kids that’s black doesn’t not give u the right to say anything like that let it would of been one of us saying racial slurs we would be fired and all so please check your facts first before u say it’s not a racial slur because it is thank u she deserves to be off the show and off other platforms that has anything to do with us black people

      1. Feeedom of speech ….consequences will come but we still have freedom to say what ever a person wants it will show the boundries control and respect and value of a person it’s not a crime all we can do is cut them off or not..people are so ignorant to overstand there rights and understand people are different and realistic no matter the outcome.

        1. However, it’s ok for Spice to call Bambi a Giraffe. As said earlier, they all disrespect each other and I don’t feel as if it was racially motivated.

          1. Either you’re being deliberately obtuse or you’re simply ignorant that the word monkey has long been employed as a racist term that whites and others associated with blackness, while giraffe clearly has not.

            If ignorance is the reason for your comment rather than malice, please educate yourself because it’s embarrassing that you don’t know this basic history in the internet age when so much information is literally at your fingertips.

          2. Drew, you sound hypocritical. Black people weren’t just called monkeys. We were called all kinds of animals because racists and slavers saw our people as less than human. They looked at us this way to justify slavery. So calling another black person any kind of animal is anti blackness. Calling Bambi a giraffe, a horse, etc is bad too and if you love your people so much, you shouldn’t be okay with any black person being called an animal. Be consistent because it’s all wrong. We fought too hard to be looked at as human to dismiss calling black women any type of animal. Your comment reads like fake outrage because you’re not keeping the same energy for everybody.

    2. Being that blacks has always been called a monkey by other race regardless to rather it’s blue green are purple doesn’t deflect from the fact that this not the first time that Erica has used the word what gets me even more that Mona Scott is just now addressing the issue but I also see your part.

    3. It wasn’t just.calling.her a blue.monkey, they sound affects as well. You have to understand the history of “the monkey” content .

    4. I just don’t get it. Is acceptable to call each other female dogs but blue monkey is where. MTV draws the line? Erica Mena is no more racist than I am & MTV should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the public to label her as such.

    5. It’s wrong you know it and she knows it but you have to be her complexion to understand how she feels being called that it’s out of order.

    6. Actually, I thought she said Blue Donkey because Spice always wears Blue and has a donkey booty, HOWEVER, once Erica started making Monkey sounds, She was ABSOLUTELY BEING A RACIST.
      Calling a Black Women or Man a Monkey is 100%BEING A RACIST.
      Spice also needs to be fired for being violent towards Karlie. In addition, Spice has tried to fight SEVERAL cast members throughout the seasons such as
      Akbar V
      AND EVEN HER FLUNKY Shekinah
      At the least, Spice owes Erica’s son an PUBLIC APOLOGY for bringing him into a argument with his Mother

    7. That don’t make it ok wtf she could’ve said ANYTHING other than that and I swear I was on her side cause Spice is OC and stupid and fkn using her second chance at life all for the wrong however she never call her anything that demeanored her nationality

  2. I think it’s disgusting they weren’t even going to fire her until the backlash happened. It makes all of this look like fake outrage on their end when she should have been fired on the spot.

  3. This thing will not take ownership. She makes excuses. She thinks saying your son hates u is the same as calling someone a monkey. She needed a check that’s why she stayed with MTV for 13 years. Her mouth as always been reckless. Now she has to pay the consequences.She knows it was a racial slur. She still won’t own it. So what is she apologizing for.

    1. Everything said here is soo true, Erica has always been Mouth Reckless. Don’t understand why she was even on L&H Atlanta. Erica is played out, loud and out of control for 13 years, WHY❓❓❓

  4. Is it true that Yandy called her a a*** monkey??? Is she to be fired?? Yet they release music dropping the Nword every 5 seconds and greet obe another by the same and its just beeped out. Make it make sense…..

        1. Erica Does not identify as Black.

          Evidenced by the fact that she called A Black Woman A Monkey. I

          It’s unfortunate to see BW be ok with another BW being called a Monkey. Embarrassing to see Black women not stand up for another BW. Not surprised

      1. That’s not correct…….. she saw “Spice” as a blue monkey she didn’t say women of color are blue monkeys so why are y’all trying to own it and force other people to own it the conversation wasn’t with y’all so why do y’all Kirk and people of color say “she called us blue monkeys!??? If the shoe fits then lace the b-tch up but all the ones that are taking it all the way back to the past you are identifying yourself as that because you are excepting it as a racist slur so then whose really racist here ?? 🤔🤔🤔

        1. The fact of the matter here is why my black people is getting offended over this she didn’t say to you or you she said to her I understand there’s consequences over people action but everyone knows Erica isnot racist. Put your self in her shoes and people is right Erica has a nasty mouth but others too.and with out all that the show wouldn’t be interesting.

        2. This the one right here! My Momma always taught me if it don’t apply let it fly! You can call me what you want just don’t put your hands on me. So she should have called her a blue whale and they would have been cool! #ThisIsAmerica

          1. I thought it was spice who said kids were off limits. So why when she get heated it’s ok to talk about her kid in any form. So spice sparked the reaction Erica shoukd of handled it different. Noone is looking at this show is scripted an they egged spice to hit that button with Erica. They just didn’t know she was going to respond so disrespectful.

        3. I agree with you… They adding themselves in something that wasn’t for them and I feel she said it out of anger. The tongue is powerful next time she needs to think before speaking moving forward.

    1. It doesn’t make sense. If we want a change we must be the change and stop making excuses for bad behavior. I don’t want to be called a blue or green monkey but I promise you I have a bigger issue being called a “bee-cha”, who*e, sl*t, and other degrading adjectives used on the show.
      Spice is up in a roar for Erica calling her a “blue monkey” but she didn’t have a problem playing “when animals attack” when she called Bambi a “giraffe neck”! She doesn’t carry herself like a respected artist. What are we defending? Who we prefer or equality and respect for everyone!

      1. [link removed]

        Proof Yandy called Erica a monkey multiple times on air. Clearly it is a commonly used insult amongst this group of women. If it’s so racist, why was it okay for Yandy? Could she have not used other words?

      2. I so agree with you. Spice has changed so much and not for good, being she almost meet with death. And are they look at the fact that Spice body shamed Tokyo about her weight, she’s called Bambi names as well. I’m these ppl know Erica is in no way racist. Spice hit her below the belt so Erica just returned the favor. They just want attention so that’s why their making a big deal of this nonsense.


  6. Hearing from Erica Mena now that it wasn’t a problem for what she said until it aired is BS!!! Shame on you MTV for now making her an escape goat because of backlash, but you had those on film for months and even continued to film with her until you aired it and people got mad at what they saw. I think this will be my last season watching this franchise of shows on this station. This is the second show on your station that is worst than on the station it originally came from. I stand with Erica and everyone makes mistakes and she apologized for her words. Something I’m still waiting on Spice to do being she provoked Erica. After this season I’m done with Love and HipHop Atlanta on MTV.

    1. Spice always throwing rocks and then hiding her hand. She isn’t acting like a woman “given a second chance!” Humility looks better.

    2. Exactly, they held on to this for months before airing. I am the first to call out racism but at what point is spice held accountable for her mouth and temper. She can say what she wants and charge people with no consequences. we have seen her disrespect people, charge people very aggressively and she is supposed to just skate. Not at all! I don’t agree with Erica calling her a monkey at all but when you as you are with people you have to expect consequences at some point

  7. I think Erica mena is disgusting she never meant her apology because she said she would do it all over again if she had to. She didn’t have know remorse for what she said, I just pray that her kids don’t grow up in a society where racial slurs are aimed at them. Take accountability for your actions and stop trying to make excuses.

  8. Spice is a MEAN ANGRY,DISGUSTING individual you would think coming close to death she would have a better ENERGY but she to EVIL for that….and NO CAST MEMBER calling her out for her RAGE against the very BLACK WOMEN she claim to love….i am a BLACK MAN and Erica ok with me.
    …some black embrace the N word as a term of endearment when our ancestors were beaten and called that that’s cool but don’t call me a monkey. Wtf

  9. Shame on MTV for waiting for the backlash from the episode that air weeks after filming. They could have deleted that whole scene, but they chose not to. I don’t agree with Erica calling Spice a blue monkey but she provoked her from the get go. Also why is it ok for Spice to call Bambi a giraffe two episodes later. Spice needs some anger management classes because she has been fighting with her so called friends all season. (I wouldn’t want to be her friend if that’s the way she treats them) You would think a near death experience would make someone think before their actions.

  10. Erica is 100% correct!! MTV/Mona Scott had no problem until the backlash and I said this from the beginning. No mention of Spice and Erica meeting and having a discussion. Erica is 100% wrong in what she said but I hold Mona in a higher regard and she is the main culprit in this! I hate typing this because I’ve always admired Mona Scott but this all was supposed to happen right after the incident and Erica was supposed to be let go immediately if it was a problem.

  11. How about we all stop watching these rachet shows. They do nothing but make us all look bad. Clearly the networks are getting rich off of us while we sit and watch this crap only because many only relate to MESS

  12. I watched the scene a few times and also noticed that the dialog was edited and manipulated for views. She called her what she believed she looked like as one would in a heated argument just like Spice called Bambi what she thought she looked liked. SMH lighten up, everybody wants to be a Victim. Oh and let’s not pass over the fact that Spice has attacted Meda, Karli Redd, Bambi, Erica and ain’t no telling who else. Spice is salty because she did not get a Grammy and has a hard time accepting her consolation prize. We are spending too much time on this. Let’s move on because any publicity given is good for business.

  13. I am not, nor have I ever been, a fan of Erica Mena. I think she is obnoxious and her mouth is reckless. On the contrary, I always liked and supported Spice. However, why are we acting like Spice is blameless in this? Why is she given a pass and not held accountable for the things she said regarding Erica’s son? I completely understand why the community is upset and in no way am I minimizing or approving of Erica’s remarks, but why aren’t any mothers insulted by Spice’s behavior? Why are we acting like someone else speaking on or about our children wouldn’t bring out the absolute worst in us? Spice’s conduct was just as bad, if not worse, than Erica’s. Let’s not forget that Erica walked into that meeting with an open heart, apologizing and trying to make amends with a friend, all while Spice was completely arrogant and offensive from the beginning. Then, not only does she refuse to take responsibility, but has the audacity to play victim and hide behind the racial element of it-and only when she realizes her friends had an issue with what was said-only to turn around and refer to Bambi in a similar way! Why did no one have an issue with that? It’s okay when she did it? Why?? Why is Erica being portrayed as a monster, but Spice gets a pass? As if her bullying behavior towards her “friends” wasn’t grossly disgusting and horrible all season long.
    Am I excusing Erica’s behavior? I believe she had every right to get as upset as she did at Spice’s comments, but I make no excuse for her choice of words. Do I think she’s racist? No. Maybe uneducated in racism upon the black community, but not racist. Do I believe that they BOTH should be removed from the show? Absolutely, 100%. I am no longer a fan of Spice and I am also highly disappointed with MTV and Mona Scott. There should be better behavior all around.

  14. When you speak on someone’s child..that mouth get real reckless! And if MTV thought it was so wrong…why air it? They could have fired Erica in silence. They doing much. A round table…really…with this cast.. When they walk around calling each other much worse all the time..if you speak on my child yea you would be a monkey..donkey..whatever.

  15. I believe they were both as equally wrong. As I’ve watched Erica over the years she has always popped at the mouth a little disrespectfully to other cast members and this situation is no different because I don’t believe in my heart she is racist mad as h-ll at Spice yes but racist no. She simply wanted to hurt her and talk about her like she came for her motherhood after being broken and trying to explain to a friend that her husband should’ve been more worried about her and not her as a friend. It hurt Erica and if spice wasn’t her friend she shouldn’t have come to talk and fix their relationship!! She was on go soon as Erica walked in. She did not like Erica and couldn’t wait to tear her to shreds just like she keeps doing Karlie Redd but Erica stood up to her bullying behind and did her like they use to when she was little the same black kids . It was not meant to be racist and we are so beyond those times that us as African Americans need to stop using those excuses for reason to be aggressive or play victim. Erica hurt her feelings and triggered her back to when she was a little girl. This has nothing to do with black people or the cast just Erica and Spice. I was not offended as an African American by what Erica said. I ain’t no damn monkey so it didn’t bother me at all. Periodt

  16. Erica Mena, need to be OFF all BLACK REALITY SHOWS——————-she has used these statements before……get her off ALLBLACK too. Bambi, should be ashamed of herself as well.

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