Female Rapper Claims in Lyrics Jay Z Tried to Sleep with Her

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Jay Z cheats on Beyonce with model and female rapper? Jay Z and Beyonce are without a doubt one of Hip Hop’s most powerful couples and although it’s obvious they are very supportive of each other’s careers, they aren’t immune to the gossip that comes along with fame. As Beyonce continues on with her super successful Mrs. Carter Show world tour, she’s probably not too happy to hear that a certain up and coming female rapper and former model by the name of Liv is claiming Jay Z tried to sleep with her while he was married to Beyonce. The young woman says he made it seem like she would have to sleep with him to get on in the Hip Hop game and in a song of hers, she gives the alleged details. Showbiz Spy reports:

Former model and aspiring rapper Liv claims Jay tried to step out on his marriage with her.

“I could have messed with Jay, but got respect for Bey,” she said.

“We were on the same set of a commercial, see, I was sitting by myself, and he sat next to me. I was handling it well, and he was shocked to see, I was getting up to leave, he sent his guards to me.

“Excuse me Miss, do me a favor, put your number on this piece of paper. When Jay get settled and he’ll call you later.

“I know most chicks would have took the bait, but then those chicks be the ones I hate. I wonder to this day if I’d have gave it up would it be me on stage throwing it up!”


Liv also did an interview as well and at the 6:00 mark she mentions briefly the sitation and says she turned down the rapper and business mogul out of respect for herself and Beyonce.

Now we’re not sure how true this is considering everyone seems to think they have to pull publicity stunts to get their careers to take off nowadays, but we also noticed she’s been taking stabs at rap queen Nicki Minaj too. So this could all just be for attention, if not, we wouldn’t be surprised if she got blacklisted for talking too much. It’s not like it doesn’t happen.



  1. Who knows? But what we can be sure about is her career will never pop off now. She just came after three powerful players. That girl who came after Nicki, I think her name is Keys never got anywhere because of it. And we already know those that try Jay and Bey end up like Keri Hilson. Didn’t Keri just apologize too? Yeah, this girl isn’t smart.

  2. I don’t think Jay is a saint, but I don’t believe this girl because if you look on Twitter she’s all hype about getting on MediaTakeOut. That’s a red flag right there.

  3. Attention whoring 101. When all else fails, name drop right? We’ll forget about her completely in two days, then she will never get on.

  4. I don’t believe her. Homegirl is on Twitter bragging because she finally made the blogs. That’s all this was about. Jay probably didn’t even know she existed until this lie.

  5. Bullsh-t. And I know it is because like a true attention whore she’s coming after the queen NICKI. She won’t even get 15 mins from this. More like three seconds before Jayonce blacklists her a-s like they did Keyshia Cole and Keri what’s her name.

      1. Lurking boo. But don’t worry, I dragged someone on here the other day for trying to come for the Kang on an old post. I’m still on the job. 🙂

      1. I don’t understand your point. If you listen to the video you’ll clearly hear that there was no impropriety on the part of Jay-Z. None. She acknowledged as much. So what do you believe to be true? Her assertion is that Jay-Z wanted to connect with her the next time he was in the city. That may or may not be true. If it is true, the question then is why. No one knows his motivation for wanting to connect with her. In actuality he could have heard good things about her and wanted to see if he could assist. Do you know that this is not the case? Her spin on the events is that he wanted her for something other than that. It’s ‘her’ spin. Do you know whether this is true? There is NO evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever. The ONLY thing that you’re going on is her ‘word’… The question for me is this; “Why are you eager to believe that there was wrongdoing in a case that has absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing?”

        1. I hope you realize that adultery can be committed with just the simple lustful thought which this rapper is claming Jay-Z had about her. While she can’t prove it 100%, It would foolish to doubt a woman’s intuition.

          Maybe if you quit the stanning for a hot second, you would remember that.

          1. Key words; “this rapper is claiming”.
            Key words; “she can’t prove it 100%”

            Tis not I who is stanning.

  6. This b-tch is stupid. When you’re trying to get on you don’t come for the big dogs. You keep your mouth shut, say no and keep it moving. She has a lot to learn about the business, but seeing how dumb she is I don’t even think she’s even met Jay. He doesn’t allow stupid people to get that close to him.

  7. Because Jay-Z didn’t sleep with anyone else nor did he cheat on Beyonce, why is the URL of the page “jay-z-cheats-on-beyonce-with-model”?

    1. The short link is the shorter version of the title: Jay Z Cheats with Model & Female Rapper? Liv Speaks. We’re not able to add a question mark to a short link. No scandal involved.


      1. It’s not a problem Amanda. Don’t worry about it sis. Love the site and keep working hard. I and many others appreciate you guys.

        1. Never said it was a problem. It was merely a question. I too love the site else I’d not be here.

    2. I don’t know because she’s a former model? I didn’t know they couldn’t make a title out of a question. *blank stare*

      And I cosign Lay Lay.

    3. The title I see at the top says Jay Z Cheats on Beyonce with Model & Female Rapper? Liv Speaks

      I’m not a rocket scientist but I don’t think you can add a question mark in a link name. But I don’t even know why it was that serious to you anyway.

      1. While I’m not certain how many web sites you’ve developed, I’ve developed a number of them. The majority of the sites I’ve developed have been CMS sites specifically WordPress sites as this one is. Because we live in a 140 character world AND because I’m very familiar with WordPress and SEO in general, I understand 2 important things. 1 is that the URL of a page can be changed and 2 is that search engines look for the title of the page (among other things) to determine the content of said page. In essence my comment was designed to ASSIST the owner of the site. Of note would be the fact that ‘now’ the title of the article is “Female Rapper Claims in Lyrics Jay Z Tried to Sleep with Her” while the URL remains the same. I wonder what we can glean from that? Suffice to say, I didn’t take it ‘seriously’ at all however I would hate for the owner of a blog that I actually enjoy coming to and supporting to receive negative press because of something as simply as incorrect data in the URL.

        1. If you design sites, I’m kind of surprised you couldn’t tell that this post has more than one title. The post actually has two different titles. The one you just mentioned and the one I mentioned in my previous response (Jay Z Cheats on Beyonce with Model & Female Rapper? Liv Speaks). Plenty of sites use 2 titles (Huffington Post, etc.), one for search engines/google news and the more personality type one you see directly on the site. I can see this on their Facebook page as well and the search engine title matches the link. This is common practice and the search engine title fits the content on the page. So you’re incorrect. The title was not changed. Neither title has been changed.

          But let me stop getting all in UB’s business or telling too much on myself. LOL.

          Not trying to argue, just telling you they are doing something that’s very common and standard.

          1. No argument at all. My question was about the URL of the page and not the title of the page. The URL of the page is generally generated by the title. I’m perpetually interested in learning so i welcome your commentary and look forward to learning from you. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

            This page has only one title. The title appears in the tag of the page. If you look at what is in the tag of the page you will see:

            -Jay Z Cheats on Beyonce with Model & Female Rapper? Liv Speaks-

            However in the ‘description’ of the page you see:

            -meta name=”description” content=”Jay Z cheats on Beyonce with model? A former model and upcoming female rapper claims the rapper tried to hit on her while married. Read here for more.”-

            The SEO of the site is handled by Yoast which adds more ‘titles’ however those ‘titles’ are not ‘THE’ title. One of those ‘titles’ is:

            -title=”Urban Belle Magazine » Female Rapper Claims in Lyrics Jay Z Tried to Sleep with Her Comments Feed” href=”h**p://urbanbellemag.wpengine.com/2013/08/jay-z-cheats-on-beyonce-with-model.h***/feed”-

            Again, this is not ‘THE’ title… as the ‘title’ is ONLY what is in the ‘title’ tag of the site as it is rendered in HTML in the browser. THAT is the ‘title’ that holds the most weight with Search Engines as well as the title that comes up in the search engine results.

            That said, let’s go with your assertion that there is more than one title and that each of those titles hold the same weight as it relates to SEO specifically for Google. Even if this were the case, my point remains valid. I would rather NOT have this site have any negative backlash because of a perceived negative in the URL for whatever reason.

        2. @ Uncontainable Spirit

          Yeah, I can tell you don’t work in the field. BTW, you can’t teach someone who thinks they know everything already. So I’ll pass. No hard feelings though.

          God speed.

        3. @ admin

          Oh yes. I love what I do. Search engines are like a drug for me. Email me if you guys want some help. Just use the email I use on here. I’m always looking for clients. #shamlessplug lol

  8. The toes you step on maybe help you need tomarrow. Diss the powerful in the music business is not a good idea. Lady the key word is no and keep push. However spreading rumors is what will
    kill a career..she slow.

    1. Interesting… she’s a trained fighter, went to U of I @ Chicago, modeled as a ‘side hustle’ with Wilhelmina, Ford and Elite at the same time (yet wasn’t using her face… convenient), was constantly around Puff and Jay… doesn’t necessarily know how to use the term ‘redundant’… :-D…

      Oooooohh… talking real reckless at the 5:35 mark.

      WOW!!! The whole thing with Jay-Z is an assumption. lol! Incredible. I cannot believe this chick is getting my keystrokes. lol!

      Plus she’s clowning Drake… lol! Incredible. In essence she’s had Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Nicki, Drake and Beyonce’s names come out of her mouth yet clowned people in the video for name dropping… She’s name dropping as well it’s simply name dropping to cause beef.

      Welp Liv, it was nice knowing ya.

  9. If he did come on to her she should have a had more grace and poise than to leak it. The funny part it that she states she has sooooo much respect for Bey.

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