Tameka Raymond Loses Battle to Receive Primary Custody, Kids to Remain with Usher

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

The Usher and Tameka Raymond custody battle has turned even uglier after a near-fatal swimming pool accident happened involving their 5-year-old son Usher Raymond V at Usher’s home that resulted in Usher V ending up in ICU. Usher showed his gratitude towards the individuals who saved his son’s life and the little boy is recovering from the injuries he received. Although their son was able to be rescued from the pool, Tameka Raymond wasted no time in trying to get primary custody of their two boys as she filed paperwork and requested an emergency custody hearing.

Tameka claims Usher is allowing people who are unfit to watch their children, including his Aunt Rena who Tameka has reportedly complained about in the past. While people are glad Usher and Tameka’s son is okay, Tameka’s quick filing has been met with some criticism as some people think she is looking to get money from this situation and not just primary custody of the boys. Tameka’s lawyer says that’s not the case though as her filing has nothing at to do with money.

The emergency hearing was scheduled for today with Tameka’s lawyer starting things off by saying the children were in the care of people who were unable to adequately supervise them. Usher’s lawyer claimed the accident could have happened to anybody and that Tameka is using this situation to gain more exposure in the media. Usher’s lawyer also says his aunt is a very responsible caregiver despite what Tameka claims.

Tameka took the stand and said although Usher V is doing well, she still has some concerns about his health. Tameka also said from what she was told, there was no drain cover on the drain in the pool and that Usher doesn’t inform her about their kids’ whereabouts or who is taking care of them when they are with Usher.

After Usher’s aunt took the stand and Tameka took the stand for a second time, Usher gave his testimony and said he does notify Tameka of what he is doing with the children in an attempt to go against her claims of him being an unfit parent.

The heated court battle ended in the judge dismissing the motion to give Tameka primary custody. The judge also advised Usher to keep Tameka informed on who is taking care of the children in the future. Despite the ruling, Usher and Tameka did embrace each other before leaving the courtroom. TMZ reports:

Tameka just LOST. The judge dismissed her request for primary custody. But she got a sweet consolation prize … a hug from Usher.

Check out the clip of Usher and Tameka hugging it out below:


  1. They hugged? Wow! I hope that means they will stop trying to hurt each other. Kids deserve both parents!

  2. Pleaese, somebody, help me understand why they can’t have joint custody. Tameka and Usher’s issues w/one another aside, have I missed the reports of her being an unfit parent? Was joint custody ever asked for? I’m genuinely puzzled as to how a seemingly good mom who is battling for her children can totally lose a custody hearing…TWICE!

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