Grown Woman: Beyonce’s Heat Perfume is the Best-Selling Celebrity Fragrance of All Time

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce fragrance sales lead to the perfume being the best-selling celebrity fragrance of all time? Beyonce is clearly still in the forefront when it comes to some of today’s biggest selling female acts, but it’s pretty clear these days she has more competition. Regardless, even with no new studio album out, Beyonce’s current world tour The Mrs. Carter Show has sold out all across the world so quickly the singer has had to add more shows in multiple cities. As the BeyHive waits patiently for more news on her next studio album, even the singer’s own camp confirmed the album is still not done and Beyonce is still recording new music for the project. But fans who are going crazy waiting on new music luckily got a taste of what’s to come with Beyonce’s latest H&M and Pepsi commercials and recent performances of “Grown Woman,” “Standing on the Sun,” and the very controversial track “Bow Down.”

But it appears music isn’t the only thing Beyonce is dominating these days. According to recent reports, the singer’s Heat fragrance is selling at such large volumes it’s actually been crowned as the best selling celebrity fragrance of all time. According to E! News, the singer’s special-edition heat fragrance is outperforming all of the other celebrity perfumes. E! News reports:

It’s been a big week for Beyoncé: first she debuted her dramatic new blond pixie cut, and now we’ve learned that her new special-edition Heat fragrance (the most recent release among her six other scents) has officially claimed the No. 1 spot for best-selling celebrity fragrance of all time!


Beyonce also said in a recent statement she wanted the fragrance to give her fans the best remembrance of her current tour:

“I love my music, I love performing and most of all I love and appreciate my fans. I wanted to give them a special remembrance of this tour and I created this scent to reflect the power, passion and playfulness I put into my performances.”


  1. Yes!!! Congratulations to the Queen of music Beyoncé! When you’re the greatest in the game everything else falls successfully naturally. Wish her album would drop on her B-Day the wait is killing me. I hope the album is coming out at least sometime this year Beyhive been waiting since march. We know it takes some other artist like Kelly Rowland, Ashanti and Eve years to come out with their next albums after finish but we’re use to Beyoncé being able to deliver in two week like with B’Day. Her next album should be like a combo of styles from her previous four albums with a little added new spice to it. Beyoncé new album I’m predicting to be her first diamond album.

    1. She’s already too far behind to ever catch up with anything Bey does. Anything. But congrats to you Beyonce! I love that scent!

    2. Rihanna isn’t to far behind? Lol she isn’t even close 400 million bottles. Rihanna couldn’t touch B if she tried, vocally, dancing wize, acting wise, business wize. Could go on. NAVY, MORE LIKE FLOPPY… number 1 singles arnt sh-t without number 1 albums and respect. All of which beyonce has. OK THEN.

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