Evelyn Lozada Says She Isn’t to Blame for Demise of Chad’s Career

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Taren Vaughan

Evelyn Lozada speaks out about Chad and domestic dispute in “Basketball Wives” sneak peek clip. The domestic dispute between Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson was one that caused the couple’s marriage to come to an abrupt end as the former NFL player was arrested for head-butting his reality TV star wife during a heated argument. The incident left Evelyn with a nasty gash on her forehead and Chad without a job as the Miami Dolphins wasted no time in cutting ties with the wide receiver. Evelyn kept quiet about the incident when it first happened but eventually broke her silence and opened up about what happened. Evelyn has since talked about the dispute between her and Chad in several interviews and it still remains to be a touchy topic for the reality TV star as she tends to get very emotional about it. In a sneak peek clip, Evelyn talks more about the incident that ended her marriage to Chad, the backlash she received and the media’s perception of their relationship.

On the incident and her brother-in-law’s message to Chad:

“Me and Chad got married on the 4th of July. And we ended up divorced 41 days later. Make a long story short, found out that Chad was cheating on me, found [a] condom wrapper in the car and we got into an argument. I asked him about the wrapper and we ended up in a physical altercation. Right after the incident happened, two days later my brother-in-law dies and he’s the one that walked me down the aisle. And I never forget him having a conversation with Chad the day of my wedding and he was like ‘You need to take care of her.’ And I’m like after everything happened, I’m like ‘Wow, he did the total opposite.'”

On the backlash she was receiving and people blaming her for ruining Chad’s career, Evelyn says:

“I felt like everybody blamed me for him being let go from the team. ‘Oh, you ruined his career.’ And it was hard for me ’cause I know that I didn’t do anything wrong that day. I need to protect myself but you know, I need to do it in the best way that I can. I knew that we would go through ups and downs but not anything of that nature. I didn’t think that I would end up with six stitches on my forehead almost two months after we got married.”

On the media’s perception of her relationship with Chad and her image:

“The media has always been skeptical about my relationship with Chad from the beginning. And after the incident happened, it was hard because there was this perception about Evelyn. You know, ‘All she does is argues and fights.’ I didn’t tweet, I didn’t say anything ’cause I felt like I needed a bigger platform to explain what happened…”

Peep the clip below:


  1. This show is finished. They fired all the likable people and I’m tired of hearing Evelyn talk about Chad all the damn time.

  2. Bish please! I am so sick of these dumb azz females looking for sympathy. What really kills me with her is she know damn well the only reason why she got w/ Chad was for money and fame her main goal was to be a wife of a professional athlete and she crapped out the relationship didn’t work. Both her and Chad wanted something other then love out of that relationship and that’s why it didn’t work. So don’t play the victim and act dumbfounded when you knew damn well who Chad was when you married him .

  3. I think everyone that commented on this are really ignorant people. She married him for whatever reason, he married her for whatever reason. No matter their ulterior motives (which is no ones right to speculate because despite watching her every move on the show, you don’t know either of them) it is not right or acceptable to use your man strength to put your wife in the hospital. Just like she knew who he was, he knew who she was and she obviously is not a woman to let someone walk over her. She may not have behaved the best way to critics but one thing we can say about her is that she was real. She jumped on tables and spoke her mind and threw bottles and the portrayal may not have been the best example but last I checked the show was for adults. Do you really need role models or observe what you see on TV and say “Ima do that!” ? I am a grown woman and don’t need to watch television to know how to act in public and my daughter is not watching the show because it is not for her to watch. That’s almost like letting my 6 year old watch Wild Things and being mad because she wants to extort me for money and have sex with her female enemy. What she does is what she does, it is up to us to sensor the impressionable and if you are an adult and impressionable as a child than that’s something you have to deal with. I feel compassion for Evelyn Lozada because whether or not she knew he was a cheating bastard, she did not ask to get head-butted no matter how crazy she went over the condom.

    1. You’re actually the only ignorant person on here because most of the people that commented only said they aren’t interested in watching the show or hearing about this situation anymore. And two people actually said she ISN’T to blame for Chad’s actions. So work on developing your very weak reading comprehension skills before you try to call people other people ignorant.

    2. Your comment is hilarious. I hope you weren’t serious because you just said a grown woman fighting makes her real. Then, you said it’s okay for women to be violent to other women, but a man can’t do it. Girl…your comment is the most ignorant one on this entire thread.

      If a grown woman has to be violent to get respect, she’s just as stupid as your comment.

    3. I see you just don’t get it either just like Evi-lyn. Since she claiming she so real didn’t she tell Chad if he cheats use a condom. Then when she finds a condom she goes crazy. Yea that’s being real. Like I said I don’t feel sorry for either Chad or Evi-lyn karma is a b-tch and thats what they both feeling. She ain’t getting a drop of sympathy from after all she did to other people. How can you respect a woman who claims she is so battered and wants sympathy but not to battered enough to keep using Chad’s name for a platform to keep her on the show.

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