Wiz Khalifa’s Mom Smoked with Him While He Was in High School

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Taren Vaughan

Wiz Khalifa smoking habits encouraged by his mother? Rapper Wiz Khalifa is clearly enjoying being a new dad as him and his wife Amber Rose recently revealed their adorable baby’s face to the world. As his fans know how much he loves his family and his career, Wiz has always made his love for Mary Jane known as well. Amber Rose seems to not to have a huge problem with her hubby’s love for smoking and his mother doesn’t have a big issue with it either. #GLife caught up with Wiz’s mom Peachie Wimbush and the rapper’s mother talked about how her son got started in the music industry and with his smoking habits. And according to Wiz’s mom, Wiz’s love for Mary Jane really started when he was in high school and she says she even had “wake and bake” sessions with him:

“He said that they would always smell something funny. Me and my girlfriends, we would always go in my room or in a separate part of the house and you know, and get our smoke on. And we would come back out and everything was all happy. It was happy and they were happy and hungry. There was always food being cooked and everybody was in a good mood and there was always music and it was always a good time. And he used to steal my roaches. Once he got a little older in high school, I knew he smoked. He smoked with his friends. We would wake and bake together. I smoked before I went to work. He smoked before he went to high school.”

Peachie also says she wants Wiz to remain the “free thinker” that he is and continue to pursue his goals and dreams:

“I want to see him continue to be a free thinker and continue to live his dreams and do it until the wheels come off…”

Peep the clip of Wiz’s mom’s interview below:


    1. While I’m not cosigning smoking weed with your teenage son, I think it’s a stretch to say she failed as a parent. She encouraged her child to pursue his dreams and now look at where he is. There’s also other interviews about Wiz being really smart and making good grades in high school. I don’t think she failed at all.

  1. This isn’t surprising. Maybe I am old fashioned but I don’t think this is something to brag about because it ain’t cute in my opinion.

  2. Personally, I think it was an irresponsible move as a parent. It just shows how some parents send the message it’s okay to break rules and make bad decisions. He can be top of his class for all I care, it still doesn’t give your child a pass to smoke weed. But hey i guess she wants him to make the same dumb decisions she’s made. And I’m younger than him so this is not an old school opinion…

  3. Lmao at some of these comments. Lets see, Wiz is a smart man, married and respects his wife-at least from what I can tell, is well rounded and enjoys his life. Now based on the comments I’ve been reading on here for a while now, some people on here hate their jobs, are in meaningless relationships and are disappointed with their life all around….maybe you should try some of that weed he has 🙂

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