Chris Brown’s Hit & Run Charges Get Dismissed

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Chris Brown has been going through it something serious since he assaulted then girlfriend Rihanna  on the night of the 2009 Grammy Awards. He’s had a series of legal troubles since the incident, and after he got into a car accident several weeks in Los Angeles, the possibility of serving jail time once again came into the equation. As we reported recently, Chris was accused of a hit and run because the young woman he rear-ended claimed he didn’t hand over his insurance information. Chris took to his Twitter account to deny the allegations, but he was slapped with hit and run charges anyway despite the young woman stating she didn’t want to go forward with charges.

Although Chris’ attorney told the Los Angeles Times he expected the charges to be dropped, the legal issue was beginning to take a toll on Chris. He even suffered a seizure recently, and those in his camp are claiming the seizure was a result of the constant criticism and upcoming court date.

Welp, Chris’ shoulders must feel a lot lighter. TMZ just confirmed the hit and run charges against the singer were dismissed. According to the report, the judge in the case wasn’t buying the LA City Attorney’s argument that Chris acted aggressive to the young woman or that he inappropriately left the scene without handing over a California license.

Chris is not only free from jail time and charges, but he also won’t have to cough up any money to the young woman, as both settled and decided the damage to her vehicle was just too minor for compensation.


  1. Awesome. I hope Chris sees this as a sign to keep pushing on. People will hate him, but he has to keep moving forward anyway.

  2. Good, I’m glad things worked out for him. Frank Ocean’s cousin should pay attention. No case + no charges = no compensation

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