Tamar Braxton Calls out K. Michelle & Joseline Hernandez

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton haven’t been on good terms since Tamar publicly sided with her close friend Toya Wright after K. Michelle accused Memphitz of abusing her while they were in a romantic relationship. Although Memphitz denied the claims and eventually filed a lawsuit against the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star, Toya’s friends have made it clear where they stand on the issue numerous times. In fact, that’s the main reason Rasheeda and K. Michelle almost came to blows twice, and it’s also why K. Michelle and Tamar continue to take shots at one another on their Twitter accounts.

The other day both singers took more jabs after Tamar cryptically tweeted about losing her wig. K. Michelle’s fans assumed the tweet was about their fave and they thought she was insinuating she believed she inspired K. Michelle’s look on 106 & Park. Of course K. Michelle did clap back, but it looks as if Tamar has decided to continue the beef in her recent interview with 97.9 The Box Studios. When she was asked about her most recent Twitter beef with K. Michelle, Tamar didn’t mince words. She called K. Michelle a bully and claims she feels K. Michelle has been bullying her for quite some time:

“Like why you mad? Like seriously, why you mad? She just has a problem in general. She’s been bullying me and just acting like a fool and we’re just going to pray for her.”


Tamar also had some words for Joseline Hernandez considering Joseline just told Rolling Out Magazine that Tamar secretly wants to be her:

“I don’t want to be a cast member, I actually own my show. So sorry boo.”



Check out the interview below:


  1. All these women look stupid right now. Just let it go. And if K. Michelle and Joseline are so above you Tamar, why do you keep responding to them? Sit down.

  2. Tamar is not likable. Her voice is all she has. She likes to start fights and then act like the victim after the fact.

    1. thank you shayla .tamar started the battle with tweeting she lost her wig then acting like it was toward someone else

  3. The ironic thing is she started the beefs with both K. Michelle and Joseline. Now she wants to be all sadity about everything. If you’re such a diva why are you talking about them and throwing shade to people you claim are lesserthans? That’s like Beyonce shading Keri Hilson. Won’t happen because there’s no point.

  4. I think Tamar should talk less and sing more. Just when I start to like her, she does this kind of stuff. We all watched her start that beef with Joseline and K. Michelle. Smh.

  5. Moments like this I just hate that we give reality stars such a big platform to get some much attention. These “beefs” are stupid.

  6. I’m kind of confused as to why Tamar claims she’s being bullied by K. Michelle. She came for her first. And she came for Joseline first.Tamar even picked on Claudia for no reason at all on Tiny’s show. She’s the real bully.

  7. Tamar is making it hard for me to like her. She’s the real bully. And if she didn’t have Vince, where would she be? Still singing “doo wop pop pop” for Toni.

  8. Lol.. I find it funny how Tamar is hating on people that is actually doing something in the music industry… Tamar put out a couple of singles and she’s acting like her sh-t don’t smell.. Girl please… sit down and take care of your child.

  9. Oh and further more.. Just because Tamar and K. Michelle have blonde hair don’t mean shi**… I did not know Tamar owned all the blonde wigs in the world…

  10. This is very pathetic of Tamar. I can’t even call the situation beef because honestly, Tamar is just being catty for no reason. I really believe she is doing this for album sales and she’s going by it all wrong. It’s funny because after K. Michelle said what she said, she haven’t even mentioned anything else about Tamar. So by K. Michelle being silent she is actually taking the better route out.

  11. Idk what yall talking bout…Tamar is a star. K Michelle can only dream of having a voice lije Tamar and plz Hoseline aint worth thr effott of commenting on. Tamar does have a loud personality that can be annoying at times but at the end of yhe day who’s perfect?

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