Chris Brown is Considering Giving His Lawyer a Car Post Dismissed Charges

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Chris Brown has plenty to celebrate these days as a huge weight on his shoulder has finally been lifted. As we reported recently, Chris was charged with a hit and run after he got into a fender bender with a woman out in Los Angeles. Chris rear-ended the woman while he was riding around with on and off girlfriend Karrueche Tran, however, the young woman claimed he refused to hand over his insurance information and license. Chris took to his Twitter account to deny the allegations, but in the end he wasn’t able to escape being charged. Just days after turning himself in to jail and even having a seizure his camp claims was due to being stressed out about the impending court date, Chris was cleared of all charges and the case was dismissed.

Chris took to his Twitter account not to long after the verdict to thank God, but now it appears he will be thanking his lawyer Mark Geragos something serious. He partied the other night we’re assuming in celebration of the cleared charges and told a nearby TMZ pap that he is actually considering showing his gratitude to Geragos by giving him the bright orange Lamborghini he’s been riding around town lately.

Chris says he’s eternally thankful for his lawyer because he’s been able to save him quite a few times, but we’re thinking he’s also thankful his lawyer has just been so supportive as Chris continues to be one of America’s most hated celebrities. Geragos recently told the Los Angeles Times that he feels like far too many times Chris has been made a target just because of what happened with Rihanna in 2009, and he thinks it’s just completely unfair.

In related news, TMZ confirms Chris Brown escaped jail time again this afternoon, as he attended a hearing over the discrepancy regarding his community service hours. Prosecutors accused Chris of lying about some of the hours he served, and urged the judge to put him behind bars. The judge instead ordered Chris to serve 1,000 more community service hours and reinstated his probation (it was revoked several weeks ago). The hours he submitted after his conviction will not be counted. Chris can serve his hours by either removing graffiti, highway cleanup, beach cleanup, and probation alternative work services. His probation ends August 2014.

Check out the video of Chris expressing his gratitude for his lawyer below:


  1. Mark Geragos deserves a house too. I wish CB well hope he realizes everything little thing he does people will try punish him to the full extent it’s not right but he has to look out for himself.

  2. Chris is a celeb. He ain’t going to no damn jail and I hope people will get that and let him be.

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