Post Attacking Employee, Katt Williams Gets Banned from Target & Probation

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Many would agree comedian Katt Williams was supposed to become a much bigger star than he is today, but it’s plausible a series of arrests and legal problems possibly stood in the way of him becoming a big star in comedy. Although he does still get movie roles and his fan base is still in tact, even he realizes he could be so much more. In fact, he said in a recent interview with All Hip Hop that he is working hard now to take the crown from Kevin Hart. But in the process, he’s having to put an end to all of his legal issues that stemmed for the course of the last several months. In a series of failed stand up performances by Williams, he got into it with some of his own fans, and the comedian even ended up hitting one of his fans in the head with a microphone in the middle of his show.

Then of course he was allegedly involved in a high-speed chase from the police and then of course some of his own fans are suing him for having a melt down at another show. Despite that, Katt says he is back, he’s healthy and he’s ready to redeem himself.

One of his most recent legal troubles is the one that stems from him slapping a former Target employee. Katt says he slapped the employee because they used the “N-word,” but the former employee says he was slapped for no reason after they got in argument.

Katt just went to court for the altercation and according to CBS Sacramento, he was sentenced to one year probation and he was ordered by the judge to stay away from the Target store in which the incident took place. He was also hit with a 10-year firearms prohibition and he was subjected to a $200 fine.

In related and more positive Katt Williams news, TMZ recently got a tip from one his fans who says he gave her $1000 and a signed note. The fan attended one of his shows in a wheelchair because she is currently sick and needs a new kidney. Apparently she got Katt’s attention because she was crying during the show. But she insists the tears were good tears and she was just laughing so hard at Katt’s standup. She was invited back stage, and he then gave her the cash and note as a token of his appreciation and told her he hopes she gets a new kidney and starts feeling better. In the note he wrote her, he says, “God never leaves.”


  1. That was nice of Katt to encourage that woman. I hope to see him make a comeback. He’s funnier than Kevin Hart in my humble opinion.

  2. Katt Williams > Kevin Hart. And don’t let Dave Chappelle come back on the scene either, it would be a wrap for Lil Kevin. And yall know I’m telling the truth.

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