Kardashian Camp Says Divorce is Now Likely for Lamar & Khloe

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Khloe and Lamar separated? If you’ve been keeping up with the headline news for the last couple of days, then you know Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s marriage problems may be a lot more explosive than infidelity. According to a recent report from TMZ, although Khloe does feel her husband hasn’t been faithful and believes some of the women who came forward are telling the truth, the couple is on the rocks for an even more pressing issue. The website is claiming Lamar Odom is currently struggling with substance abuse, and although the substance of choice was not revealed in the first report, a later report from the website would claim he’s actually addicted to crack. While Lamar and his camp haven’t confirmed or denied the allegations, we already told you we firmly believe TMZ is getting its information straight from the Kardashian camp considering the owner of the website is actually friends with Kris Jenner.

Recent reports and gossip amongst the paparazzi circles have been suggesting for the last couple of weeks that Khloe and Lamar were living apart, but Kris Jenner played down the reports and even said a divorce was not in the works. Welp, now the family seems to be singing a different tune considering the newest report from TMZ says that not only are Khloe and Lamar living apart, but now a divorce is “likely.”

Although neither have officially went to see a divorce attorney to get things in motion just yet, the Kardashian camp is saying it’s just a matter of time. However, they tell the website the divorce won’t get too messy because both signed a prenup and apparently Kris Jenner fought hard for that because she was concerned that if things didn’t work out, Lamar could walk away with most of Khloe’s money.

The Kardashians are busy feeding the media with every update regarding the situation, but Lamar has been silent, only allowing his publicist to confirm that he was fine just hours after a report suggested he had gone missing.


  1. Well I knew this marriage wouldn’t last but I didn’t think it would end like this. They are going out with a bang.

  2. The whole thing is just questionable to me. I really think the Kardashians are just trying to ruin this man because he’s expressed he wants out of the marriage. They call themselves getting even. They did the same thing to Kris Humphries. They are a very evil family.

  3. I just want to hear from Lamar! All we keep hearing is the K’s side. And that makes believe this isn’t the truth. And crack? Really?! I just find that hard to believe.

  4. Kris Jenner will do whatever necessary to keep her family rich and famous. If that means throwing a son in law under the bus, she will do it with a smile on that plastic face of hers. Kanye is next if he ever decides to step outside the line.

    1. Oh he is next without a doubt. That’s the only reason Bruce never speaks up. He knows what will happen to him if he does.

  5. Damn Khloe is just sitting back and letting her momma destroy her little “Lam Lam.” She’s just as phony as Kim.

  6. I called the divorce the moment I heard they were getting married. People like to think Khloe is so real and better than Kim, but she’s not. I think the realest Kardashian chick is Kourtney. She gives no f-cks and does what she wants to. Her baby daddy ain’t sh-t and she doesn’t care.

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