Lamar Odom Preparing to Release Statement on Alleged Substance Abuse?

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lamar Odom and his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian have probably been getting the most press in the last few days than they have throughout their entire time in the spotlight. As we recently reported, there’s been very constant reports suggesting Khloe and Lamar’s marriage was on the rocks, but the press these two have been receiving as of late paints a much darker picture. According to a recent report from TMZ, Kardashian insiders are claiming the real root of the couple’s problems is Lamar Odom’s alleged substance abuse, and the very next day the site would make a bold admission and claim the NBA star is actually addicted to crack.

We told you a a week ago that Khloe and Lamar have been living apart, but now it’s been confirmed the couple is practically separated, with Khloe being more concerned with helping Lamar overcome his alleged addiction than saving the marriage. And apparently the Kardashian camp is telling the media that this marriage is just minutes away from being over with divorce in the foreseeable future.

Now a new report from TMZ is claiming that employees from the hotels Lamar stayed at in the past are talking and claiming they saw proof of Lamar’s alleged addiction in rooms he’s stayed in during his NBA career. In fact, the site is claiming sources from a Westin hotel in Memphis claim in March 2012 they found major carpet damage in the form of quarter sized burn marks and white powder on the desk blotter. The hotel employee also claims the room reeked with noxious smoke and the carpet in the room had to be replaced.

The site goes on to say it has been contacting numerous hotel rooms it knows Lamar stayed in previously and most seem to be telling the same story, and citing Odom allegedly leaving the rooms in ruin.

If that’s not enough, the site is now saying Lamar may also have an addiction to prescription drugs, and allegedly his addiction to Oxycontin was so bad it allegedly got him cut from the Mavs and the team paid him in full just to get rid of him.

Interestingly enough, sources close to Lamar are telling Radar Online that he blames the Kardashians for all of the extravagant stories coming out about his alleged drug use although he doesn’t feel Khloe had any parts of it. In fact, a source tells the site the NBA player is planning to release a statement soon confirming he is battling an addiction to prescription drugs. His agent recently contacted ESPN to tell the publication the earlier reports of Odom going missing a couple of days ago were lies, and his wife Khloe has known his location the whole time.


    1. Exactly! He sat down on this for way too long. He is a Free Agent, he cannot afford to be quiet right now. His marriage to Khloe is clearly over, but he needs to fight for his career.

  1. So he thinks Khloe wouldn’t participate in his destruction because she’s better than Kim and Kris? LOL, so he still hasn’t learned.

  2. I am seriously feeling really bad for Lamar. They threw him under the bus with a quickness. That’s low down.

  3. This needs to be a sign and lesson for any other black man thinking about marrying these Kardashian tramps. Their mom is the damn devil.

  4. Why do I have the feeling Kris Humphries is somewhere screaming out loud, “You see! I told you Lamar was next!”

  5. Lamar signed his life away the day he married Khloe. That whole family is only out for themselves. Anyone else is disposable.

  6. He should have never married Khloe. We all knew this would end and we knew they would make Khloe look like the victim. But it’s karma because he should have never did his baby mama as dirty as he did.

  7. I wonder where all the Khloe & Lamar stans are now that told us we were hating and they were SOOOO happy. Nothing but crickets now.

  8. I feel bad for Lamar. I do not know if the drug allegations are true, but the Kardashians are wrong for sharing Lamar’s problem to the media. I do not care for the Kardashian clan and I do not understand why this family is famous. I hope that Kim does not ruin Kayne’s reputation when their relationship goes sour.

  9. He really doesn’t have a choice but to address it because now it’s public. Maybe he could have dealt with this in private but Lamar chose to be apart of this attention whoring family where nothing is private. Hope he gets help though.

  10. As if I didn’t HATE the Kardashians enough already, this happens. I feel so bad for Lamar. Watch your back Kanye! Kris Jenner is disgusting

  11. First, Kris ruined Bruce life. Reggie was smart he left before they could ruin his life. Kim ruined Chris life….now Lamar life is being ruined by Khloe. Poor Scott…his life is doomed. Watch out Jayden Smith…Kris raised her daughters to be like her! Let this be a lesson to any man that comes across the K Klan.

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