Sneak Peek: NeNe Leakes Goes off on Her Wedding Planner, Demands a Prenup

Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube
Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

I Dream of NeNe trailer released? “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes recently confirmed that she landed her very own show with Bravo and the show, “I Dream of NeNe,” gives fans an exclusive look at the drama that led up to her tying the knot with husband Gregg Leakes for the second time. While the show is being promoted as just a behind the scenes of NeNe and Gregg’s second take at exchanging vows, NeNe recently took to her Twitter account to alert her fans that the show would be full of drama and it would not let them down on the entertainment front. Perhaps NeNe’s drama during the filming for the show is what led to her getting slapped with a lawsuit by a wedding planner who is now claiming Leakes did not pay her for her services. NeNe denied the accusations on Twitter and even claimed she hired someone else as a wedding planner and owes Tiffany Cook not one dime. However, Tiffany Cook’s attorney says NeNe is not being truthful and it was confirmed that the reality star is now being sued for defamation and libel as a result of her denials via social media.

Interestingly enough, we can see in the first trailer released for “I Dream of NeNe” that NeNe and Tiffany Cook clashed quite a bit and in one scene of the sneak peek released by Bravo, NeNe actually sets the wedding planner straight. After Tiffany tells NeNe that she can do her wedding in her sleep because she’s so experienced, NeNe tells her:

“I remember why we hired you because the other two planners were busy.”


Ouch. In another scene NeNe can be seen demanding Gregg to sign a prenup and she is also having lots of drama with her family as they prepare for the second wedding. Check out the clip below:


The show premieres September 17 at 9pm.


  1. NeNe has gotten a little too high and mighty for me. She really acts like she’s an A list celebrity with real talent. She’s too arrogant to see her popularity won’t last. Humble yourself woman.

  2. Again….Why is Nene Leakes famous ?!? Nene really think she is a celebrity…so sad she’s not even a “B class” celeb. Just an ATL house wife…

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